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credit to u/ObjectiveAnalysis643 of Reddit

The three-legged organism found in the Moderna vaccine appears to be a parasite known as “Polypodium” that attacks the reproductive system, literally eating the yolk of the egg, explaining the reproductive issues in women as well as the intentional avoidance of Ivermectin

This organism is found in Sturgeon eggs (Caviar) and attacks the reproductive system, literally eating the yolk of the egg. Could this be the cause of reproductive issues in women getting the shot and the now famous testicular inflammation? Are women having miscarriages because their eggs have been attacked and are no longer viable?

https://gab.com/Horatii/posts/107083714957828189 (Dr. Adam Von Frankenstein @Horatii)


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Could explain why they are so against anti parasitics.

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They also have no quality control. This could be anything from accidental to on purpose but we will never know because they are not held liable and do not have to be open about what they put in the 'vaccines'.


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Why bother with that stuff when you cant be held accountable. They could mix 50/50 mercury and random poisons and be fine.

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Which is what I assume they do. Random crap in random batches. Saves them money, they can't be held liable, docs just run with it.

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You really have to step back for a moment and look at how big of an insane battle this is...forces of good vs evil etc. Science accelerating beyond the average human's understanding of things, so as to get ahead of them completely, turn them into slaves to knowledge which they could never grasp, and then used irresponsibly to control, maim and kill these people, viewed as lab rats by fucking idiots with tons of money who spent that money to take advantage of good people that were doing good work to create global prosperity and a wonderful future for their children.

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Damn. If it can do that, another tentacle to the heart and brain?