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HeyJesusBringMeABeer 6 points ago +6 / -0

He's directly related to HIV/AIDS from the 1970's and still the main spokesman.

Mouthpiece of the Gates-Rockefeller Eugenics Conglomerate.

They promote safe sex, family planning, feminism, LGBT, contraceptives, abortions, "medicine advancements" using aborted baby's stem cells, and that's all eugenics (population limiting/reduction). Check out Agenda 21/30 it's all in there, which is a fake "save the planet" movement created by these freaks to fuck humanity.

They build the "Beast System" on our backs, our work and strife, sucking our spiritual energy to run the evil Federal Reserve. Systems need current, and we are the currency. HUMAN. TRAFFICKING. That is why they are replacing Americans with immigrants, to keep the currency flowing and the Federal Reserve machine which supports their lifestyles, afloat. Humans are the energy in this system. See The Matrix.

They take our aborted babies and feed them back to us via drugs and food. There are baby stem cells in both. Why? Regular organic food is good, so why this?