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Or we are entering a dystopian movie like no children of men but with only half the population sterile or compromised itll be be a true separation in our society pure bloods and the defiled with the second party acting out knowing they are now genetic dead ends... sorry after the annoyance of the last year and a half ive had to try and get some entertainment from it

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I think back to that episode of Stargate where it was the same plot, but the only solution was literally time travel.

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It's gonna be another Dark Ages. Whenever the history is too embarrassing they just teach that there was a gap where nothing's known.

It happens every time Islam almost destroys Christianity.

axolotl_peyotl [S] 15 points ago +15 / -0

Theory: This vax is actually sterilizing people. They had a meltdown over Minaj's tweet over the "swollen balls" because it hit way too close to home. yikes.

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how long until she's a white supremacist??

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Trump/Minaj 2024? Or Kanye/Minaj?

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Carlson/Jones 2024

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I remember reading reports of testicular discomfort and or sharp pain very early on when they started the vaccine rollout.

I'm still very skeptical about her and her so called "story"

If this isn't some bs ploy to reach out to her fanbase on behalf of Biden/admin... I will have shocked Pikachu face.

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But but....CNN paid doctor tells me, "thats not a thing."

Why would he lie to me?

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Fascinating. So is the Spike Protein just fucking with any part of a person's protein makeup?

Semen has protein, muscles have protein. If you are working out after the vaccine, then what if the memory of your protein generation is still connected to the virus OR what if the virus itself invades your body within your muscles. It builds up protein and that spike protein creeps in.

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It is reported to the reproductive organs such as uterus, and... testicles. In the famous interviews of Dr Malon with Eric Weinstain show, they talked about the Japanese study that found spike proteins don't stuck in the arm, and spread all over the body, and tends to go a lot into sexual organs, but it says more spike protein for women. It automatically leads to the claim that the women will suffer from the infertility, but it had already implied that men's sexual organ would have the same type of issue.

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She never claimed that, she spoke about ONE relative.