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I had read somewhere they Jack up the pressure which messes up a patient’s lungs. So if patient may have recovered they definitely wouldn’t recover after their lungs get all fucked up from the vent. So procedural medical murder. Welcome to the new death camps

TardedButNotDeparted 5 points ago +5 / -0

Not even that. The ventilator is not the correct option for treating inflammation in the lungs.

See: "They tried to put my husband on a ventilator, and we said NO"


TardedButNotDeparted 5 points ago +5 / -0

If you go to hospital, reject the ventilator.

This woman explains how they got treatment for her husband without a ventilator:


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If people reject the ventilator, we're going to start getting ventilator mandates.

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They probably have a barcoded vile based on some database on you. Oh this guys doesnt trust govt or big pharma but is a solid dude outside that? Give hime vile 2B47R/2. That’s the bells palsy shot. Or hit him with 2C32R/4, the syphilis shot.

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They really will. The NIH treatment, which emphasizes the previously unapproved and dangerous Remdesivir, is designed to kill. In the US alone, it has probably killed some 500,000:


And then, the PREP Act removes Covid-19 liability protections for hospitals if they don't follow the murderous protocol:


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In the world of socialised medicine, I don't have the opportunity to even answer the question, it will just pop up on the computer.

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Shower thoughts are for Reddit, let it die with them