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Just a quick short list off the top of my head. There is probably a lot more to add later. Any MGS fans here?

  • GMOs "Genome soldier" predicted in 1998, 12 years before the creation of the first genome

  • 2001 terrorist attack on NYC

  • GW information network keeping logs in everyone (NSA)

  • Virtual reality army training

  • Drones / UAVs

  • Censorship AI "adding context" exactly like YT FB twit and google started doing

  • Bipedal army weapon "Walker Gear" DARPA and boston dynamics robots

  • Nanomachines

  • Meme warfare

  • Trump! Yeah I totally believe Solidus Snake was a Trump-like character. He was a puppet president made into a villian for defying the lalelulelo

There is probably a lot more that Im missing. The reason this topic came to mind was I saw an article about how English speakers spread covid more and I play a lot of MGSV. In that game, the antogonists create "ethnic cleansers" which are language targeted parasites. So I think we can add man-made race-targeted viruses to the list too (look at the race statistics of the vax injuries).

Lol whats really scary is all the things in MGS that havent come true.... YET!

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Only game I’ve ever beaten in one day. Still one of my faves. MGS1-3 are all amazing.