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Ebonics and every other degenerate version of English is an effort to subvert the unity of English speaking countries.

Using three letters, "ayh", in place of one letter, "i", is subversion.

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First, a good book.

Second, I think in a cerain context it us to show a lower IQ and not a person's skin color.

Third, I wish the scriptwriters would leave the characters alone.

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That is discouraging.

Ayh had done a lot of research before deciding on "ayh" as a substitute and had found no examples of it used anywhere.. however this is clearly done in slang which is indirect(ish).

Thank you for the information disguised as scorn :)

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Sounds like your mocking southerners

pkvi -3 points ago +3 / -6

/puts a piece of tobaccy in my lip/

Says "I" in southern --> eyhr?

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My mommy says different hmnph

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The Queen's English, or be considered rabble.

(Joking ?)

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Is an Israel computer farm paid to attack me --> this is the second post against me today. Did ayh fly over a target and now "its" trying to shut me down?

Let's test.. Azerbaijan is where they launder the money.

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“People don’t like me so I must be doing something right.”

This is narcissism.

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ah (personal pronoun, plural we, possessive adjective mah)

Pronunciation spelling of I., most often indicating that the speaker is using a Scottish or American (particularly Southern) accent.

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You are giving him exactly the kind of attention he desires so much.

Just ignore and move on.

pkvi -5 points ago +1 / -6

If ayh were to look, would ayh find brb lol tbh yrs imo or slangs any where in your linguistic history? Such usage is idle English.

The "English" language is not what you are speaking. It is actually an American English or International English --> founding "English", unless you were born and raised in 11th century Britain, is far different than today bcuz --> languages evolve.

"I" itself is an evolution of "ic" from the 12th century.. or "ek" (German)

You utilize a vast array of words that are not inherently English. You employ words that are bastardizations of several words in several languages.

Languages evolve --> if you are narrow minded enough to believe that there can not be made efforts to improve some words that are displayed inferior, then you are a misguided.

Formulas that destroy the integrity of the word are indeed garbage, as you have referenced with ebonics --> that is a lazy African tongue interpretation of English and painful to the ear.

Words that seek to improve understanding thru phonetics or visual representation yet preserve the integrity of the word are ideal --> as is done here.

"I" is a singular accounting for the totality of your identity. It is lost in a sentence and holds even less value transposed to non-English speakers. When spoken, it has a much more robust presence.. but on paper.. thin and insignificant.

Ayh ventured to resolve this by giving the word visual substance the while improving phonetic value.

Your hatred is uneducated and fearful, as "ayh" does not impede you here. Ayh have not forced it upon you. As u/DefaultFreedom made reference, it is perhaps a colorful accent with no disrespect for English, a language ayh embrace above all others.


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First allow me to say that your reply in favor against was the most eloquent, so bravo good sir.

Conditioning, as do all things, takes time --> and people are resistant to change. So my experiment continues bearing in mind that ayh am not here to impress anyone nor have ayh have found it my duty to inform. It is an honor to inform and share insights with others of like mind, but ayh do so, so as to stir the pot bcuz my intentions are to change the condition.

Things are bad.. and if change is not called for, then why bother complaining et all.

Our intentions on the whole are to be traditionalists.. to restore the sense of freedoms and independence and integrity we once had as cultures --> so, well, "I" is not the form at which it was founded but rather an evolution from larger versions (ich, ic, eg, ek).. so perhaps you can see it as traditionalism. :)

That aside, ayh have found it easy over the year to embrace "ayh" ..and my friends and colleagues have slowly evolved to some tolerance, begrudgingly (no different than here), which is a fascinating human environment. It is an interesting experiment ayh have no desire to terminate for the sake of people complaining on a forum. Is that not something we all desire?.. to not be intimidated by the internet? :)

As a final quip --> Ben Franklin and many other significant individuals of enlightenment in history attempted to create new languages. Not a brag :/


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Ayh see your point.

Ayh shall cooc aye stoo wif karets chopt wif aye shharpe nayhph.

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Never more so than now as we have diminished humanity to sound bytes and short attention spans.


Believe it or not, ayh don't believe it is. As an engineer ayh assure you it comes from form of function, an element of integrity, not vanity.

fall out

Which is perfectly acceptable in my opine. It has been and remains so an experiment --> and thus far has produced fascinating results for and against.

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Funny you mention that --> was just remarking to a friend how now there is discernible presence on the information superhighway that, if by some fluke it was adopted, it should origin with me. That's something.. ayh [pause] guess.

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