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Torrvarpen 1 point ago +1 / -0

Bitcoins energy usage does not scale linearly. If you wan to double the amount of customers in a bank that currently has one server, you need to ad another server to process all those transactions.

As for Bitcoin there's already 11 000 nodes, fully capable of handling billions of transactions per minute, all of them running on hardware that would have been powered on anyway, like desktop PC's, RPI's etc... which only uses a couple of watts.

All the mining does is to verify blocks by computing hashes, more users does not need more mining devices, you could do it all on just one computer if difficulty is low, and if you could trust whoever owns that computer to not fuck around. Problem is that you can't. You can't trust scummy centralized bankers, that's why Bitcoin was invented in the first place.

Technically speaking all the energy usage for mining, which comes solely from greed, and not because it's actually needed, or related to the amount of users. Should be blamed on the banking system because they're a bunch of corrupt faggots.

This leaves about the same energy usage needs as for just operating the servers in a bank, but more secure as the blockchain is decentralized.

Everything else like fancy office buildings, vaults, surveillance, card readers, office desktop machines, heating, transportation and printing of cash, guns for protection and other things needed in a legacy banking system is a huge waste of energy.