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Probably some illiterate nigger lol

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Supposably it's because it's a combo of June and the 19th. It should just be emancipation day for the few states it applies to.

Just ridiculous. 🤡🌎 Trying to push a narrative.

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Want to see something wild? Go to your phone calendar to 2019 and back. It's likely not there because they started putting on calendars in 2020 during BLM riots.

I made a post about it last year. A few people confirmed it.

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Most Black folk dont celebrate it the only ones i know of are the super woke pro blacks that hate but date the white oppressor. Also in my city the events got shot up alot haha. He messed up You cant win pandering to Blacks the culture we have now lacks alot of what would appreciate it. I remember when he spoke against CRT he said it was harmful but couldnt even say it was harmful to whites .

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Juneteenth was a decent size celebration by Blacks in Texas for quite a few years. It was the first day the emancipation proclamation was read in Texas.
It wasn't anywhere else in the country and I doubt most Blacks could even tell you what the celebration is about.

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It’s totally a Texas thing that Biden just appropriated for the whole country... and what about the “free” states. They never even had slaves in those states, right? So what are they celebrating? “We were right all alongteenth?” I kid, I kid. If you want to know the TRUTH about the global transatlantic slave trade, watch the Globe Trekker special on global transatlantic slave trade. This is made from a non-head-up-my-own-ass perspective, as the show is from new zealand or Australia i believe.

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Popular Juneteenth celebrations:

  • Nike theft 3 block dash
  • bullet dodge competition
  • smash n grab 4K TV event
  • worship at altar of Popeyes
  • catalytic converter liberation event
  • attack an Asian freestyle
  • welfare card snack run
  • I got whatchu need alleyway cluster
  • not very rural ho down
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When the normies suddenly see something everywhere online, in the traditional media, or being promoted by government or academics, all of a sudden, everyone's always known about it.

It's what they do when a conspiracy theory turns out to be true, but this time, it's retarded.

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Yup. Very cult-like tactic there.

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It's been a state holiday in Texas forever.

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I am incharge of my works social media. I had looked up random holidays (example:chocolate day, ice cream day, flag day) so searching the internet for a random holiday on this specific day I found Juneteenth before BLM riots and guess what in the definition it was only a Texas kinda thing. So I didn't use it at all because it did not apply to other states for celebration as the liberal at my work totally agreed. To circle back to this being clown world we picked juggling day 😂. Labor Day is always covered. Just need a post for that day years back

So why doesn't the Alamo get celebrated by everyone once a year?

Because it doesn't fit the narrative.

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Tried having this conversation with friends...I guess they just liked being manipulated.

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I heard of it, but that's only because I enjoy the literature of Ralph Ellison.

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The fuck is juneteenth?

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As a Texan, I've known about it all my life. It wasn't a big deal growing up. It was like St. Patrick's Day or Columbus Day, an excuse for a party.

I went to a few Juneteenth barbecues with a bunch of restaurant coworkers back in the day. Not much different from any other parties except the music was more R&B and funk instead of rock or country. (This was before the hard-core gangster rap days...)

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Did you know Tupac’s mom was a founding member of the black panther party in NY and two of the other founding members were FBI AGENTS? Source: Adam Curtis’ latest doc on BBC

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