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And why is it prominently displayed across Trump's shoulder?

Honestly, who thought that was a good idea?

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aggressor of that war was the federal government

There is a lot of history that led to the Civil War, and men born before the founding witnessed the Civil War. I'm aware of the blockades and the reasons people call it "The War of Northern Aggression". We were (and still are) a young nation.The differences in opinion on the slavery question were always present between different states, even before the Revolution.

They own you and they won't let you go

Kind of like slave-owning southerners who lacked all moral integrity and violated natural law and human rights in the worst of ways. I'm aware it was a small percentage of people who owned slaves, but just about every non-slave in the south benefitted from slavery in some way.

The Confederate flag is terrible optics and I don't agree with it being used in imagery with President Trump. I don't think he would either.

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Some claim the same monied interests that created the Fed stoked our Civil War, and it was otherwise avoidable. Lincoln wanted to avoid it.

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There was money to be made and legacies to be had by attacking the south.

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You mean The Rebel Flag? It’s a symbol of the heritage, representing freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, and resistance to an out of control federal government.

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No, the slavercock gobbler child molester party weren't the good guys when we had to go down there and blow their rapist, criminal, traitor uncle Jed's bitch brains out, and burn his rapist slaver junta down around his previously shit talking, syllable-adding ears.

No matter who told you Rock Hudson was a real Confederate Colonel.

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The Rebel Flag

If we're being pedantic, sure.

It’s a symbol of the heritage

A heritage of violating natural law and human rights while literally claiming ownership of another, as if they were an object. A totalitarian system of control in which the "monarch king" slaveowner made claim to the life and liberty of a person who they deemed to be less than human.

representing freedom

You've got to be kidding. Whose freedom? The freedom of some people to own other people?

states rights

Including the states' rights to allow some people to literally own other people, in direct violation of just about everything in the Bill of Rights.

individual responsibility

How can people have individual responsibility when they are deprived of their ability to respond (response-ability) by having their most basic human rights and liberty stripped of them?

resistance to an out of control federal government.

So in their opinion (per your opinion), they wanted to resist an overreaching government while simultaneously restricting others within their own states of all rights and freedoms?

Dinesh D'Souza on Racist Democrat Roots

Hitler Modeled Racist Nazi Laws After Democrat Jim Crow Laws

Usage of the confederate flag screams infiltrator/shills afoot. (Or people who don't realize how much optics matter)

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Black Americans and their leftist allies spent the past year rioting, looting, and burning down their own neighborhoods over a career criminal methhead who died from abusing prescription opioids while being arrested for counterfeiting. If optics mattered BLM would be shut down already.

There's a war on whites perpetrated by jews who use child sex trafficking to control our government and media (see Epstein, Maxwell, Bronfman, Anthony Weiner, Assi Ben Mosh, Peter Nygard, etc.). They will turn optical against you no matter how good your optics are. Fuck optics, resist jewish tyranny.

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The left is not an ally to black Americans. They are trying to enslave all Americans and using skin color as a way to divide and conquer this great nation.

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That’s why blacks vote overwhelmingly dem. The blacks may be victims from some twisted point of view, but from the perspective of anyone not blind to see what is there they cause infinitely more harm than good.

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Simple-minded. By blaming jews for everything, you are letting a lot of evil non-jewish peoole off the hooks for their crimes.

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Wrong and foolish. I blame people relative to the evil they cause, and jews cause a lot more problems per jew than any other group causes per person. Stop ignoring the crimes of people who literally rape your nation's children to control you.

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Jews are the ones destroying the west culturally and financially, just like in Weirmar Germany. They do this shot over and over and over agin to steal power for themselves. 109, bitch. Read your talmud and shut the fuck up.

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Go back to reddit, smoothbrain.

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Ignore everything you are reading here. It's all Questionable at best.

The image in the sidebar is from a Time magazine's article, where they straight up admit to fraud.

"That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information."

Thread Created here.

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Funny how low tariffs, slavery, secret societies like the KKK, and the Democrats always go together. Ever notice how all the stars on a Confederate flag are upside down?

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Democrats and low tariffs? I don't normally include those words in the same sentences.

slavery, secret societies like the KKK, and the Democrats

Sounds about right.

Ever notice how all the stars on a Confederate flag are upside down

Not really. I just did an image search and most have the stars pointing up. What do you mean?

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You need to research tariffs.

If you look at the Confederate flag the stars look point up, but that is relative to the stripe they sit on. That stripe is at an angle though, so if you look at them ignoring the stripe you notice they are all upside down.

Edit: the opposite is also true. They are often oriented point up in the flag frame of reference but upside down in the stripe point of view.

Edit 2: and there are 13 stars. Very satanic.

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There are 13 stripes for 13 original colonies on the American flag. Very satanic.

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You need to research tariffs.

Okay, in what context? Like back in the early 1860's? I'm aware of the tariffs and blockades of the south to prevent them from exporting to Europe, if that's what you're getting at.

relative to the stripe they sit on.

Ah, I see what you mean. That's very interesting. Like if you slid the top corners down to make the lines straight, the stars would be inverted pentagrams. Crazy. Thanks for sharing.

and there are 13 stars. Very satanic.


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With tariffs almost any US context will do. The Democrats have always been for low tariffs and the exportation of US jobs to foreign countries right up to today. Slavery only makes sense in a low tariffs trade environment.

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Same people who think it's a good idea to put the pedo symbol there.

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Pizzagate is literally the biggest conspiracy to shake things up in the past decade so wtf are you even talking about

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Doesn't mean the pedophile symbol needs to be plastered on every page of this site

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The image is a montage of photos from the "storming" of the capitol. Someone who was there that day was carrying a confederate flag, and the artist chose to include it in the montage. It's not complicated.

As to the pedo symbol, perhaps you are unaware, but this is a conspiracy forum, and that symbol is representative of a big conspiracy.

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the artist chose to include it in the montage. It's not complicated.

I understand that. My question was to why it is on this site. The optics of it is terrible. And yes, optics matter.

that symbol is representative of a big conspiracy.

No, it isn't. It's a symbol used by pedophiles to communicate with other pedophiles.

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Why is the image on this site? It's a montage of the capitol riot. Many believe that was a set-up, the result of a conspiracy.

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That image was used by TIME bruh. They wrote an article bragging how they "fortified" the election (aka stole it). This is the image they used.

It's an image from the most important conspiratorial article in the last decade.


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So we should use it? How is that logical?

axolotl_peyotl -1 points ago +1 / -2

yeah, we should. It references the most blatantly staged false flag in modern times. I can't think of a more topical and pertinent image for a conspiracy forum, quite literally.

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You're using imagery created by the enemy and they are thrilled about it.

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that's one interpretation, and I respect your view.

however, another way to look at it is we are taking the "power" of their symbolism BACK from them.

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That is retarded. You want to take the pedophile spiral back? You want to take the confederate flag back? You need to gain some perspective.

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Dude you are a faggot stop annoying the mods

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Most of the mods aren't even active, fool.