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I guess that Infringement doesn't include 50 Unnecessary and Complicated steps to take before someone can buy a Gun.

I guess that it also does not include a Mandatory and Annual License fee of $900 to own Guns.

"That is not Infringement .. it is public safety"

You must pay $75 / Month to Own Firearms. It is your Right.

They don't even need to create false flags anymore. They do whatever they want to us, and we go along with it.

Americans don't deserve rights. No one deserves anything that they are not willing to fight for. Take it all.. Yes, we will live in Pods, eat bugs, and own nothing. And we will be happy!

We deserve it, and we will love it because we are Patriotic Americans, and we love our Cops, and Politicians, and Soldiers.. Who all protect our Rights! Put up that Thin Blue Line Flag, and Fly it proudly!

While you are at it, post a Meme that says "Come and Take it".

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And not just you but also household members and other advocates need to visit the psych. Add in the rubio bill and we will all be investigated for terrorism and banned from owning guns and have them forecably confiscated ( they will try). NOT INFRINGED.COLD DEAD HANDS.

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hmm.. you know the fbi is tough. It is best if we have compounds in every city. Maybe neighborhood watch programs. Still fighting blac bloc, just a more vile version.