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One piece is a worldwide best selling manga and popular anime. The main antagonists of the show are called the world Government. Sound famieler, certain groups may want to establish one here. The world government inthe show has been shown to cover up their atrocities and change history for their benefit. One of their atrocities is destroying the inhabitants of an island because a group of historians and archeologists there may uncover secret history they kept buried. This secret history is known as the void century, and it is essentially a 100 years of history which the world government has buried. It is speculated that this history tells the truth of the world governments founding a d not their propaganda. It is not hard to believe that certain events in our history may have been lied about or altered. Certain events may have been covered up for all we know. We know that the truth of the 2020 election won't be covered in history, and the Trump presidency will be deemed a failure without observing the good he has done. O e of the most interesting things is the rich and powerful of their world can buy and sell slaves at an auction house run by traffickers. That sounds like pizzagate to me. Also, certain families live outside the law in the One Piece world. They are known as the Celestial Dragons and are the descendants of the WGs original founders. They can kill and enslave whoever they want with no consequences. Sounds like some of our elites today. Do you think the author to this series is exposing the real world in his work? One of the characters watching the rich and powerful buy slaves at an auction house said, "this is like a miniature version of the world in here." Who's world, his or ours?

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It doesn't stand for Dragon, infact, Luffy's dad is named Dragon. The D is currently a mystery of what it stands for as there's a phenomena in the universe called "The Will of D" where people with D in their name will cause problems for the world government. People speculate that the D stands for Demon.

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It doesn't stand for Dragon, infact, Luffy's dad is named Dragon

You are correct. Damn; Monkey D. Dragon. I had that name in mind when thinking about Monkey D. Luffy.

D stands for Demon.

Demon represents spirit, which comes from spiro and means "to breathe", which represents ONEs responsibility within ALL to adhere to uphold life over death.

people with D in their name will cause problems for the world government.

Besides the world government equals globalism; government means "govern mind" aka control the mind, which thereof stands for deception. Causing problems for a mental deception represents comprehension based on selflessness. Notice that Luffy says that he's gonna be the pirate king (Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru), yet his actions are not selfish, since he helps all those around him.

That is all allegory...he's a pirate aka a vessel within motion; his goal is predefined (I'm gonna be), which represents death, and while moving towards this, he adheres to self sustenance by creating unity with others.

The question is if Eiichiro Oda will be allowed to set his ending into motion or if the parasites will corrupt it?