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No... I don't know anyone arrested at the Capitol. But I do know many people who believe in the "insurrection" lie. The vast majority of people are good and fair. We need to get the truth out. In general, people don't like injustice even a typical democrat (not the "looney tunes" one).

Keep on spreading the truth. In the past, dictators and mass murders were able to thrive because they muffled and killed a small portion of the population in addition to having an effective propaganda system.

Because of the internet, this is no longer possible. They can't keep up an effective propaganda system. They can't muffle just a small segment of the population so that the general public is uninformed and easily manipulated.

Hell, my good friend didn't even really know about hunter biden until after the election - I showed him the links and his mind was blown; Same with my cousin. These people are normies. Due to covid, information was not spread as fast, but since most of the restrictions are gone -- information is getting out there. People are talking. It really is a dam that is about to burst.

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No, last "election" only proved democrats are willing to steal an election.

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What you do suggest? Protest at the capital? Make sure to bring grandma (they surely wouldn't put her in jail).

With all the new voting laws; I see a more fair election next cycle. Elections have to start locally and since most people are not cheaters. Get enough fair people involved and concerned, and things will change. I dare say, things have already been put into motion. We wouldn't see the fruits of our labor for another year or so. It's about getting information out there. Getting the normies to see through the fake media.

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The Dems can't maintain power. They are going to lose the midterms -- that's approximately a year away. I think the Dems are grasping at straws trying to find a solution to their mess...

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It's called "people who are registered republicans ".. Shouldn't be too hard to find for the CIA, or FBI; just get one of those fake subpoenas, etc..

In all honest, the liberals are so stupid, it would make sense for them to do this. The list would be aprox 1/2 of the country. Good luck in targeting half the country dumb shits...

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Haul 1/2 of the population away? It wouldn't work. Even if they haul 1/4 of the population away, that person could be someone's mother, father, best friend, etc.. To many connections.