Okay so here me out, after reading a bunch of posts saying on how they are going to make the masses infertile and shit sounds very unlikely. I mean, in my opinion they want more wealth and power right?

It's more likely they want overpopulation, not depopulation at least for now to further increase their massive wealth and exploitation of humanity until they are sick of it and performs genocide on humans 35-70 years later.

My sister has a conspiracy that I've heard about from here that the vaccines are a huge fraud, and all they did was to inject a placebo with graphene to hyper fertilize the sexual organs and make them more susceptible to sexual desires to breed more. but in doing so, it increases the chances for mutations by a whole fuckton.

Think about it, these damn elites wanted the population to go sexual overdrive with the fake vax so they can reap in all the benefits as much as they can before they grow tired of it. Right now, they're just preparing for the breeding overdrive event, getting those wretched FEMA camps ready and the Elite invasion (AKA Cyber Polygon) coming up later down in just 1-5 years at best. (6-12 months at worst)

Worst of all, after this NWO satanic shit we're bound for a rough ride towards overpopulated chaos, everyone is going insane due to their sexual drives going haywire mentally. If this keeps up and we don't do shit in the next year or so, we're all fucked and drowned in the sea of mutated bodies while the elite laughs at us post-death.

I have a feeling that there is a silver lining to all of this, I mean call me half-crazy but i will say that there will be a breaking point. When it all crumbles over, the elites shall weep in defeat. While there is a lot of hope amidst in the darkness, but the time the elites make one more wrong move, most of humanity will face an awakening of some sort. A historic event towards the fallen whistleblowers and brave souls. An armed resistance taking back what the elites have reaped.

Maybe i'm hoping too much and some of these things are wrong on my end, but that's just my speculation about this conspiracy i have. Sure, to some of these people it doesn't make any sense, but again think about it for once. Imagine you're in a dystopian overcrowded world full of half-crazed gangsters, murderers, hobos, etc. You're being watched 24/7, and all eyes are set on you. What would you do if you were that person? Simple, you stay out of sight, and join in a rebellion. For most others, they'll be vax'd for MUH CHINESE VIRUS with force along with augmentations implemented into your body because we want to feed off of despair and sorrow. Both their money and their misery.

No one wants the overpopulation that the elites craved for, right? So I'd say if you are still planning to move outside your neighborhood, do it now before it's all too late. Buy some canned food and supplies as well, they're your lifesavers. As well as a radio, solar panels (if you have the money), and all sorts of essentials.

Save everything digital on external HDDs before Cyber Polygon, those will be crucial for the future in case if you want to show that to your children.

And for me? Well, we are trying to move but my sister couldn't find any remote home in the middle of a forest to escape to, and we can't keep repairing this house after living there forever. So, we have to make due as we can before it's all gone. Currently, my family is trying to save up on money to replace the windows for 10,000$ dollars

So far, i'd say that we won't make it but pray for us if we can leave this crazy neighborhood.

In conclusion:

To me, depopulation sounds like the elite wanted bankruptcy than wealth and power, and it'll fail spectacularly just like the rest in the past.

In order to reap the benefits, vax + extra fertility + Sexual Overdrive = Overpopulation and Maximum Profit for the Elite Families.

Let me know your thoughts, okay? i would love to see your responses to all of this.

P.S I hope the elite fails on their overpopulation plan. HARD. And hope they're publically executed for what they've done in the future.