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Since Republicans claim to be the original patriots, then you cannot blame democrats for Abortion and LGBT. Republicans obviously came up with those lies since 1967, and so now that Republicans finally admit that they were wrong about the science for decades, it is time to pay reparations to all the victims of those lies. Every women who was convinced to murder a fetus because some Republican said it was not a violation of g-d's laws, must now be compensated for the PTSD they obviously feel after being informed by the Republicans that they were wrong all along. And all those little kids that mutilated their genitals based upon the lie claiming that they are "born gay," all those people need financial compensation for the PTSD they are suffering as a result of finding out the Republicans lied to them.

So thank you very much, oh patriots, for admitting that you got the rules of the Abrahamic religion wrong. That is the first step. The next step is to come up with an appropriate reparations package for all the people who were harmed by the lies. And the final step is to eliminate satan from this Earth so we do not fall into such a trap ever again.