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Twenty years and still no one mentions this... You know that when you want to build one these skyscrapers that you need all sorts of approvals. Well, you also need a plan on how to take it down in places like NYC and Chicago. In the 80's in NYC there was a free, local newspaper. Went broke in the early 90's. It was during... 83-85 I'd say that they ran a story, about how there was a nuclear weapon in the basement of the World Trade Center. That it was put in during the construction because it was necessary should there be a problem. Conditional for approval because the buildings were so big and were built so differently. People freaked out and other media ran stories on it and then it was memory holed. What was the name of the paper? I either forgot or never knew it.

I'm wrong, it was mentioned, once by some Russian military guy in a several hour long interview in English on Youtube. Plenty people will have saw that. He wore a tan uniform if I remember correctly.