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The Mexican President is publicly advocating for the North American Union. He declared he will meet with Biden about this soon. Was this the plan all along? Is this why our economy is being driven into the ground? So they can tell us that the US has experienced a USSR-type catastrophic failure and will no longer exist as a political entity?

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The USA is about to go the way of the USSR. I think the economy will crash and they'll tell us the US has collapsed as a political entity. Breitbart reporting today that the Mexican president will meet with Biden soon to discuss plans for the North American Union. They want this done before midterms. Get your sombreros out and your Vaseline ready. Aye caramba amigos!

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Any idea what happened to the reporter? If it was Melissa Melton, she was involved with InfoWars up until 2013 but now theres an obituary for her. She was only like 31 years old and I can't find any cause of death online.

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Actual schizo weighing in here. Death by myocarditis is preferable than having to actually talk to someone. Just saying.

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I don't have an explanation for this - not saying it was paranormal but I don't know what to attribute this to. Long story made really short: Party at my grandparent's house and someone was playing with a Ouija board. Several people claimed it was moving. I thought (and mostly still think) Ouijas are pretty stupid. I broke the board over my knee to provoke "the spirits". The entire house lost power instantly. No joke, not bullshitting. Things on different breakers- every part of the house. We hauled ass outside to the front lawn and noticed that the rest of the street had power. My lights stayed off for about 20 minutes then popped back on. A little extra info: My friend's uncle had been killed on a motorcycle at Ft. Benning (this was '89 or '90 I think). His mother was at the party and she was trying to contact her son when I broke the board. I hadn't known that was what she was doing. Felt bad.