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I noticed this as it was happening as well, and your threads helped me feel like I wasn't alone. It got more and more in your face for about 5 years until covid hit. All makes sense now.

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That's not true at all unless it's changed in the last 24 hours. There's been a ton of threads and posts about it over the past few weeks.

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Wow didn't expect so much traction on this post haha, but appreciate the karma. Seems a lot of you are criticizing the "overnight" part of the post. Yeah I agree that it's been in decline for years (especially this year). My first thought this morning though was, "There's basically nothing useful on this subreddit anymore." At least during it's decline, you could still find nuggets of wisdom sorted by new or whatever, but the front page was covered with dumb tweets, baby wipes, and straight bullshit today. With the vaccine coming, seems like bots, propaganda, etc are all in overdrive right now. And I will say, I don't like Trump, BUT I don't like Biden either. I like to think my spirit is that of a true conspiracy theorist -- if you're in the White House, you're compromised. If there's one thing Trump accomplished, it's that he made a lot of the conspiracy theorists out there become partisan.

"All the world's a stage"