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I believe they're nothing but actors. It's very possible that every major public figure is in that position because they were placed there or allowed that position. Even the most ardent patriot.

They don't give airtime or publicity to those that go against the narrative. Or those that don't advance the cause of a global government.

We need to join together as citizens without expecting a politician or public figure to lead the charge.

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It's just social pressure, much like mask wearing and all the other shit they don't have the resources to enforce so they convince the wannabe vigilantes enforce it on the government's behalf using lies.

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Well they need to wipe out the control group. So they need the average person to agree that concentration camps are a-okay for wrong-doers. You do that by convincing them the people being loaded into the cattle cars are all "raycists" anyways so it's totally fine. NPC's not only don't step in to stop the genocide, they give it a huge thumbs up.

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Wtf is latinx

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Because "latino/a" is a gendered word that refers to several ethnic groups, it is therefore the most inherently racist and sexist term in history. Unfortunately, taking it away from the Latin people would br white supremacist cultural appropriation. They therefore made up a new word so they didn't have to feel bad about referring to a broad group of people with one intersectional title.

It's kinda like "schlomo." Obviously there are a wide variety of different jews (orthodox, Sephardic, Ashkenazi, semite, even black and non zionist) but if people refer to them all as "schlomo" it's more convenient and makes people feel warm and tingly inside.🤗

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Trudeau's got the Michael Gunner crazy-eyes.

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I'm not shaking hands with pedos.