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These are bots. Read my statement here to know why this is important. They're building and maintaining a narrative, and that narrative is making sure people believe I was connected to Jan 6.

They are literally raiding the houses of people who asked questions about 2020. If you don't realize there's a chance they'll come for me then you're an idiot.

Pay attention next time.

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"Not to be THAT guy, but I honestly am curious. Do you have a link or source? I would love to read through it if you have it available."

19 hours later, no response.

don't care if folks are tired of hearing about reddit.

There clearly is an ongoing conspiracy to astroturf belief that I personally was somehow responsible for the jan 6 false flag. I warned folks in /r/conspiracy away from Jan 6 and said it would be a trap.

The reddit admins used it as an excuse to remove me from my position and /r/conspiracy has been fully compromised since.

However, the admins literally made up their claim. They provided zero evidence to back it up to the MSM outlets that asked about my suspension.

Similarly, the bots/shills tasked with perpetuating this fake news HAVE to keep this narrative afloat, even though the evidence proves the opposite is true.

There's a reason they're doing this. Are they planning on coming for me? Maybe. It's why I have to keep setting the record straight. Insurance policy.

If anything happens to me, I trust you guys to uncover and spread the truth.

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I believe I lost my vision after a round of childhood vaccines around age 10. I went from perfect vision to extreme sight loss almost immediately. I didn't make the connection at the time, but so many vaccine side effects include "vision loss" it's the only explanation. My parents have fine vision.

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It's my understanding that the rabies "vaccine" is not a vaccine in the traditional sense. I'll have to research that. I think that's probably the only one you might want to get, but again do your own research.

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we've all been messed up by these vaccines. Those of us born in the early 90s, 80s and earlier seem to have missed the worse of it. Kids late 90s and beyond have been generally fucked.

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iTs JuSt A pRePrInt

it was "just" a little jab too, amirite?

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Less than 6 percent of medical drugs have high-quality evidence to support their benefits, according to a recent study by the University of Oxford.

The study found that, of the 1,567 eligible medications approved under the Cochrane Reviews from 2008 to 2021, more than 94 percent were not supported by high-quality evidence.

Cochrane Reviews is a leading international journal and database combining all available and relevant evidence about treatments and health care policies. It is often referenced in national and international health care guidelines, and is especially prominent in Europe.

Reviewing Cochrane Reviews’ 35 percent of research papers, researchers found less than half of the drugs approved from 2008 to 2021 had moderate to high-quality evidence. Further, harms were underreported, with around 37 percent of interventions found with harm and 8.1 percent had significant evidence of harm.

“It is particularly worrying that the harms of healthcare interventions are rarely quantified,” wrote Dr. Jeremy Howick, one of the co-authors of the study, in The Conversation.

“For a doctor or patient to decide whether to use a treatment, they need to know whether the benefits outweigh the harms. If the harms are inadequately measured, an ‘informed choice’ is not possible.”

According to Howick, the “cut-off” year was 2008, as that was when Cochrane Reviews incorporated a system called grading quality of evidence and strength of recommendations (GRADE) to assess the quality of evidence.

The GRADE system used by Cochrane, is a transparent framework for developing and presenting summaries of evidence and provides a systematic approach for making clinical practice recommendations.

It is a widely adopted tool for grading the quality of evidence and for making recommendations with over 100 organizations worldwide endorsing GRADE.

Although authors of the Oxford study speculated that the poor findings for drugs backed up by high-quality evidence may be because the sample studies were “unrepresentative” of the population, Howicks argued that it was unlikely given the strictness of Cochrane Reviews.

A 2020 U.S. study published in JAMA also indicated the problem of medications being approved without rigorous testing and causing harm. The study examined drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration from 1983 to 2018 and found that whilst the number of novel biologics approved increased, the review period by the organization decreased.

The authors wrote in the study that, the FDA “increasingly accepted less data and more surrogate measures,” clinical measures that show a correlation but may not necessarily guarantee a relationship.

Dr. David Light from Harvard University argued that currently, 80 percent of drugs being prescribed that are known to work are still generic drugs, with experienced physicians recommending to not take new drugs for at least five years.

Light wrote in his 2014 article that the majority of newly approved drugs bring little to no improvements, with 1 in 5 new prescriptions causing severe adverse events. At the same time, pharmaceutical prices for new drugs have soared with drug median release prices growing 85 times higher from 2008 to 2022.

“Potential harms should be measured with the same rigor as potential benefits,” concluded Howick. “The evidence-based medicine community is correct to continue calling for higher-quality research, and also justified in their skepticism that high-quality evidence for medical treatments is common or even improving.”

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Nailed it. I've warned about this user multiple times. I've also suspected they are an admin, fed, or otherwise evil autist. They are pro-vax and totally obsessed with reddit. This user was monitoring my account on reddit and created bots to follow me. They had metrics even mods can't access. Also possibly involved in getting my account banned...shows up whenever users point out how sketchy the ban + the aftermath.

Good call.

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It may not be flat, but they are DEFINITELY lying to us about the shape of the earth (hint: there are continents beyond Antarctica). It's likely the "flat vs round" earth meme is a false dichotomy meant to cover up this profound truth.

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The Mexican President is publicly advocating for the North American Union.

source? weird cause he resisted the COVID stuff from my understanding.

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Here's the front page of The New York Times. Not one story on the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, you have a footnote to see A-20 and a rather brief article.

Articles that were longer? A journo goes deep into the Amazon and a deadly Korean ferry accident.

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Reddit bans mod of r/conspiracy after years of anti-Semitism accusations: The subreddit has devolved into pro-Trump, anti-vax content under Axolotl_Peyotl

Reddit Bans r/Conspiracy Moderator and r/DonaldTrump

There is no scenario that looks good for either the admins or the jan 6 committee.

If I DID "incite my community to the siege", wtf is the jan 6 committee doing? The head of the largest conspiracy forum on the "mainstream" web "incited" over a million people to the Capitol? And crickets??????

I routinely get angry little PMs here from TMOR and their ilk saying that the jan 6 committee was going to arrest me "any day" (tWo MoRe WeEkS).

Still waiting.

If I didn't do what the admins claimed (I literally didn't...I told people not to go to the Capitol because it was a trap), then the Reddit admins straight up fabricated a connection to Jan 6 and used it as an excuse to remove me (duh...this was a Digital Knight of the Long Knives, all big tech was ready to go and had pre-selected who would be removed post the Jan 6 staged false flag).

Since I DIDN'T do it, the reddit admins are slanderous liars, and the jan 6 committee is a pathetic joke.

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bows politely

sry I keep ranting about it...getting permabanned from reddit was one of the better things to happen to me in a while. however it's still super relevant and worth repeating endlessly because it's a symptom of the larger issue with social media and the suffocation of free speech on the web.

I'm just surprised how many folks over there are completely oblivious as to what went down. There's a direct correlation between my removal and the inundation with shills. Time is on our side, it's all coming out now.

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Clown world never disappoints. The top mod of arguably the largest conspiracy forum on the web gets remove in a massive conspiracy...accused by the admins of "inciting people to the Capitol" on Jan 6 despite SPECIFICALLY warning it was a TRAP and NOT to go...and over a year late people are still like "hurr durr why is this forum so whack?" Good grief.

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earth isn't flat, it's much, much bigger than they admit. there are continents beyond Antarctica. flat vs round is a psyop and false duality like 99% of topics.

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some unhinged TMORer claimed they were in contact with Congressional aides about my account. I occasionally still get msgs from them saying I should expect to be arrested by the Jan 6 committee. Maybe they'll come get me in two more weeks?

craziest thing of all is I told people on /r/conspiracy (and irl) NOT to go to the capitol cause it seemed like a trap.

reddit admins literally told multiple MSM outlets I "incited my community to the capitol" which is not only false, but dangerously false. That kind of accusation is on another level, and the only way they got away with it was because it quickly was overshadowed by the banning of Trump and half the internet in the days following Jan 6.

S'ok, my conscience is clear. I took the fall for /r/conspiracy...they literally would have nuked the sub if they didn't have a "top mod" to sacrifice.

the truth will come out eventually, I'm chilling til then with you legends.

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