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bruh you're a legend, didn't mean to take away from you or the millions of righteous dudes out there.

This thread doesn't address the countless women in authority now that are abusing their power to a psychotic degree.

I'm trying to be as positive as possible, and I've noticed in my research that many of the vaccine whistleblowers happen to be women.

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Theory: This vax is actually sterilizing people. They had a meltdown over Minaj's tweet over the "swollen balls" because it hit way too close to home. yikes.

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Why? What was accomplished with Trump that couldn't have been accomplished with Hillary?

Don't tell me the radicalization under Trump was necessary, because they would've done that anyway.

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Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring exposed the dangers of DDT (the true cause of the "polio" epidemic)

Dr. Sarah Stewart & Dr. Bernice Eddy: Eddy tried to warn the world about the contaminated polio vaccine

Judyth Vary Baker warned about experiments to induce cancer and the connection with JFK. (also Dr. Mary Sherman)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries' book "Dissolving Illusions" completely eviscerates the vaccine deception as well.

There are countless others, we should make a list.

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That was painfully clear when none of them stood up for me.

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bruh she collapsed on TV from a poisonous shot and then disappeared from the face of the earth. She dead.

EVEN if she was just injured, it's beyond retarded for the /r/conspiracy "mods" to use that flair.

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I privated that sub before I was banned.

However, I also copied just about EVERYTHING there on to .win days before reddit admins nuked my account:


Thanks for your interest, you're awesome.

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The media fooled you. Suggestion is very powerful.

If you weren't told about "swine flu" you probably wouldn't have gotten as sick.

It sucks finding out that what you believed was a personal experience was a lie.

Check out Sharyl Attkisson's reporting. There was no H1N1 epidemic, and you didn't have swine flu.

Sorry to burst your disease bubble.

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Why the fuck would they invite her

They didn't apparently, they offered her a phone call.

Honestly this event has been so sloppy I think you've missed something. The fact that you believed the WH story and ran with it means you've been personally fooled by this as well.

Stop jumping to conclusions.

Did you think literally every celebrity in existence was going to play ball? They're all compromised and all would willingly inject themselves?

I think you underestimate the sheer ego of some of these individuals.

Folks like Minaj are used to getting their way. Always. This time, it didn't happen, and Minaj has been given a small red pill.

She is far too self-serving to willingly "pull a fast one" for a group of supra-elites. It's just not in her personality type.

This seems more like an uppity celeb that didn't play ball, and now she's facing the consequences.

IF they had done a whole WH trip with the pomp and circumstance, I might lean towards OP's interpretation, but looking at the whole picture, it falls apart.

My 2 cents.

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woodward's mad sus but maybe he was being used because this coming out was inevitable and they needed to get ahead of things to craft the narrative.

milley admitted the call today too, and def sec miller said it was NOT authorized.

Seems more like a move against the DS than for/by them.

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It's like they flagged themselves as narrative pushers.

It's not "like" that, it's precisely that.

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Why are we masking TWO YEAR OLDS.

The fact that people tolerate this makes me completely lose faith in humanity.

No one on that flight said "this kid is having an asthma attack, CHILL THE FUCK OUT?"

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but you aren't banned? You're free to spam your grievances? honestly this is a bit tiring.

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cancer IS the conspiracy.

Look up SV-40 and the contaminated "polio" vaccine.

They inoculated millions with a cancer-causing monkey virus.

It was the most egregious medical blunder of the 20th century and it's currently responsible for the soft tissue cancer epidemic.

I wouldn't be surprised if Norm's cancer was a result of the contaminated polio vaccine he likely received as a child.

So yes, massive conspiracy.

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Read the entire DEW megathread currently pinned and get back to me.

The "nanothermite" theory does nothing to explain the "toasted cars" and 1,000 other data points all detailed in that thread.

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Hey look, the /r/conspiracy mods are a bunch of faggots.

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The vax turned me into a newt!

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I'm not seeing a single post on the front page of /r/conspiracy about this. It will be interesting to watch what happens.

The shills avoid threads entirely when they have no viable talking points for "debooking."

How can this possibly be spun?

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we're allowed to speculate here btw.

apparently he had cancer.

he doesn't seem like the type to take the jab, hope he didn't.

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