(Truthfully I see this post as a V0.1 and would like any comments, feedback, or suggestions to refine and improve. Thank you)

While I hope everyone is taking what actions they can, such as getting involved in local politics, protests, getting the word out, and all other manner of productive initiatives; I wanted to talk about an aspect of this warfare that I believe goes largely unmentioned due to its subtlety - language. There is something small we can all do to increase our contributions, and that is to be mindful of the language we use. If you want to see some examples skip to the bottom of the post otherwise here is some background:

We are all familiar with how language is used to communicate, but how about the way language is used to frame our perception? New terms are crated to give humans a framework to think within, without terms to define ideas, people at large have a difficult time setting up a mental model of those ideas. Think of terms like gaslighting, when one is aware of the term they are more easily able to identify and evaluate the situation. On a different note but in a similar fashion, the way existing terms are used and combined, also provides a framework for the way people think about things. This is why advertising slogans are so effective. Rarely do they create new words but they combine existing terms to create a framework of thought around their product, to influence the viewer's perception.

So how does this tie into our situation? I'm sure some of you have intuited this already, maybe some are even consciously aware. One of the ways our enemies dominate us, one of the ways they are able to create clown world is by dominating people's perception, using repetitive language to program the way we we see things. And it is a coordinated effort. Remember how every person of note (I use that term semi-ironically) was parroting "new normal" in the beginning of the "pandemic" (another term I'll address)? That was to program us all to be ready to change the way we live. Did it work? Sure, along with force, but our enemies know the powers of words and perception, they would not have had every talking head, politician, celebrities, spokespersons, etc all blitzing us with that phrase accidentally. It was co-ordinated.

"Since the pandemic" and "Since covid" are other phrases the state has used and one I hear very frequently in conversation. "I've put on weight since covid." "Since the pandemic I haven't been able to see my family", things like that. This gives the perception and thus re-inforces people's beliefs that these negative outcomes are a result of a deadly virus and not government overreach. You may even hear people using these phrases so much you use them yourselves, reinforcing their beliefs and eventually (if used enough) possibly changing your own perception of reality.

So what do we do? Well, as touched on, there is a reason our enemies coordinate language and talking points, saturating the marketplace of ideas, because it works. We are doing battle with people's erroneous perception of the world, something that enables clown world events to happen on a daily basis without irony. We must learn to identify these words and phrases, and make every effort to use versions of them that reflect actual reality. Here I will list some innocuous examples I've been using personally. These are easy to use even around the most indoctrinated:

When referring to world or life changes since March 2020: "Since covid" -> "Since the [government] lockdowns" (whether you say government or not, you are making it clear it was not a virus but the lockdown that caused these problems)

"Since the pandemic" -> "Since the quarantine [mandate]" (same as above)

When referring to mandates: "Refusing to comply" -> "Refusing to submit" (changes the perception that this is something we are unreasonable for disobeying)

Some more difficult to use in all situations in the real world, but still important, include referring to people by their biological sex, "new normal" or "covid world as "clown world", masks as muzzles, covid vaccines as a gene therapy or treatment, etc. We do not have the ability to coordinate like the media but if we can all do our part we can work to change

It's more of an art than a science as you need to figure out how far the framing can be pushed for certain people without pushback ("tyrannical government overreach" instead of "lockdown" for instance). But it is one of many ways we are under attack and if we are hyper vigilant we can fight back.


And I have to say, I'm very excited see you fellow tinfoil hat wearers on .win! I could never bring myself to participate on r/conspiracy because fuck Reddit and everything it stands for since Aaron's death, but I loved (some aspects of) the community and some of the info on there couldn't be beat! Looking forward to being a more active part of the community now. Fuck Spez.