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As this war heats up you will see many cheering for one flag or the other; promoting escalations and retaliations. This is a trap. Who exactly benefits from a major war that sends millions of young, fighting age men and women to slaughter each other in Eurasia (at the precise moment when civil disobedience with teeth was beginning to spread)? And what do you suppose is about to happen to the monetary system now that Russia is being cut from SWIFT? Did you consider the fact that not only does Europe depend heavily on Russian gas (that the U.S. cannot even come close to replacing), but Russia and Ukraine also happen to be the world's two largest wheat exporters comprising approximately 30% of global production? All of Ukraine's exports have been halted, and with Russia cut off from the western banking system all future customers will have to work outside the dollar. Even if the physical war were to be contained to Ukraine (spoiler alert: it won't), the consequences of the cyber and economic warfare already underway will be devastating. Western leaders are setting their populations up for much more than just parabolic price increases. Widespread shortages and famine are on the horizon. This will not be a short term phenomenon.

Most of you understand by now that the WEF was the vehicle used to plan and coordinate the pandemic response (Event 201), but were you aware that there were two other exercises? Study the "Cyber Polygon" and "Food Chain Reaction" exercises. Did you know that Russia played a prominent role in Cyber Polygon? Did you notice that the Russian government sent a representative to speak about Russia's central bank digital currency project? And did you know that Putin (like Trudeau, Macron, Andern and so many others) participated in Schwab's Young Global leader program? Putin has admitted publicly that he has spent a great deal of time in Davos with Schwab and associates, and has signed Russia on to a 4th Industrial Revolution project of its own. Putin is in on the plan. He plays an essential role in The Great Reset by kicking off World War 3 proper.

In this context the WEF is a lot like the WWF (World Wrestling Federation): only in this version instead of breaking chairs over each other's heads they send your young people to kill and be killed. And as the war spreads in ways that "no one could have predicted" and cyber attacks start taking out communications and critical infrastructure they get to blame a foreign enemy for all the chaos and destruction that comes next. Don't fall for it.

Have you forgotten that the politicians directing each of these armies are the same criminally corrupt, genocidal control freaks that ruined your lives for the past two years, and who still intend to mandate yearly booster shots (and all manner of horrors) as soon as they get a chance? Oh, you thought that was over? Think again. In the U.S. a federal vaccine passport system is moving forward with bipartisan support, and the WHO has the global version ready as well. Round two of the pandemic is baked in the cake. And if you thought round one was bad, wait till you see what government's are capable of in a lights out scenario.

We must use these last moments of the free internet carefully. This is our last chance to influence how people respond to these events (police and military in particular). This is the last chance to make them understand that the enemy isn't overseas, and that serving justice will mean arresting those issuing the orders. ~ StormCloudsGathering

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Last night (February 23) Putin announced the beginning of a military operation to protect "The People's Republics of Donbas". This was initially framed as a defensive operation, however in the same speech he went on to say that he wanted to "demilitarize" and "de-Nazify" Ukraine. Within moments of this speech explosions were reported in major cities throughout Ukraine including Kiev and Mariupol. The Russian defense ministry then announced that they were attacking Ukrainian military facilities, air defense sites, airfields and aircraft. The question now is whether the U.S. and its allies will respond militarily in this first round. If they do, any country that is used to launch attacks on Russian forces will be targeted. The Ukrainian war becomes a European war and then a world war. ~ StormCloudsGathering

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The mainstream is now admitting that the U.S. has been training special ops paramilitary forces in Ukraine since 2015, and that these fighters will play a central role in the upcoming conflict in eastern Ukraine. One CIA official is quoted as saying that the program has taught the Ukrainians how "to kill Russians". Those of you who have been paying attention know that these paramilitary forces are dominated by actual neo-nazis. If you haven't heard of the Azov Battalion, look them up, it's important. Many of these militants will play serve as useful idiots in Washington's scheme, but the bigger story is what happens when the plan falls apart and the pawns go off script. Remember how the U.S. backed rebels in Syria were referred to as freedom fighters right up to the moment that they rebranded themselves as ISIS and started crossing borders? Something similar is about to happen in Europe. What could possibly go wrong? ~ StormCloudsGathering

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Events are moving very quickly in eastern Ukraine. Yesterday (February 21, 2022) Putin made the decision to recognize the two separatist republics in the Donbas. He then immediately responded to their request for military assistance with buses of troops and equipment that began moving that same day. What's important to understand is that while the mainstream media call this an invasion, the reality of the matter is that Putin is moving troops into friendly territory. These territories have been independent since the U.S. backed overthrow of Yanukovich in 2014.

Those who didn't follow the 2014 conflict closely might not be aware that the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (which are primarily ethnic Russian) rejected Washington's puppet government and voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to rejoin Russia. Putin refused this request at the time because he knew that if he moved in at that moment it would have escalated in ways that did not serve Russia's interests. But the fact that these republics have held together for over 7 years makes for a very different equation in 2022.

International law establishes the right of self-determination. This is the entire premise of the Declaration of Independence, and any sovereign nation has the right to request military assistance from an ally (just like the United States did by requesting assistance from France) to protect themselves from an aggressor. The sequence of events will lead to some interesting debates and votes at the U.N. but even if this does nothing to de-escalate the situation militarily it will expose a diplomatic rift that will divide the world in ways that will surprise people who have not followed geopolitical developments over the past ten years. Alliances have shifted. When war becomes official more countries will hitch their fate with the eastern axis than some might expect.

An important variable is China. China is allied with Russia 100% on the Ukraine issue. China also produces a ridiculous percentage of the products western countries depend on. China also has been stocking up on grains and other essential resources like crazy. If the west goes for the jugular and cuts Russia from the global financial system Russia and China will use this moment to launch their alternative system for all the countries that want to conduct trade without having to obey edicts from Washington D.C. Remember they already have an alternative to SWIFT and the Petroyuan as well as their new Central Bank Digital currencies they've been quietly testing.

The beginning of a cyber warfare tit-for-tat and hostilities between Russian held positions and western Ukraine will result in energy and food shortages first throughout Europe and then around the world. This is by design. This is how Schwab and his minions get their "Great Reset" (their cover for the implosion of the banking and monetary systems).

When they start selling this war we must counter and resist on every front. Soldiers need to be shown that the people want them to stay home and deal with the real threat from within: these criminally corrupt politicians and corporate mafias. Don't let them send your brothers, sons, and fathers to die for another war based on lies.

Compliance is complicity. Disobedience is duty. Time to choose. ~ StormCloudsGathering

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Two major events unfolded this past week in parallel: the attempt to shut down the truckers protests in Canada, and the beginning of hostilities in eastern Ukraine. In both cases the globalists are making strategic errors. The combined effect of these errors will be even more significant as they interact.

One example: the police crackdown in Ottawa has been a public relations disaster. Police on horses trample a woman in a mobility scooter and arrest hundreds of protesters only to release most of them down the road with no charges (they knew charges wouldn't hold). Not a good look. This comes as more and more veterans and law enforcement are finding the courage to break ranks and take a stand. And by freezing bank accounts of those supporting the truckers the Trudeau administration has inadvertently undermined the legitimacy of both the state and the banking system and pushed many moderates over to our side of the spectrum.

Then there is the shelling of eastern Ukraine and the mass evacuation of civilians to Russia. Those who said "nothing will happen" are now officially wrong. No, Russia is not about to invade. The real story is that the U.S. backed extremists who control the Ukrainian military have started their long planned campaign to retake the Donbas. It starts with artillery, but expect incursions by the Ukrainian side at some point soon. The president of Ukraine (Zelensky) might not have even given the order to attack. He's not the one in control. The U.S. is setting a trap for Russia, but it is almost certain to backfire.

The timing couldn't be worse given the logistical realities of a major war in eastern Europe. Now that the elites have exposed their totalitarian agenda, will their attempted pivot to a foreign enemy succeed? Might the ill will they cultivated by mandating vaccines for police and armed forces come back to haunt them? Might truckers and port workers play a role in obstructing the the war effort as well? These should be viewed as goals rather than predictions. The outcome can be influenced.

Now is really the most critical moment to wake up soldiers and police officers. Show them what is happening. Show them that their real duty is to restore human rights on the home front and arrest the criminals running this clown show. Every seed sown is important. A single soldier refusing to pull a trigger can start a chain reaction that brings down a regime. ~ StormCloudsGathering

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When U.S. State Department spokesman (and former CIA officer) Ned Price claims that Russia is about to release fake footage of an attack in eastern Ukraine (and refuses to provide any evidence) this isn't just about unsubstantiated accusations. The U.S. government is attempting to get out ahead of footage that will hit the internet when U.S. backed extremists (Azov Battalion and their ilk) start killing civilians again in the Donbas. Of course they know it will look like Western-supplied equipment being used because they already sent the equipment.

The second clip of Vindman shows where they are going with this. A cyber attack attributed to Russia that the U.S. uses as a pretext to launch attacks of their own. This is how they get to the lights out event they have planned (see Cyber Polygon). That's when the really nasty part begins (and with no pesky coverage). That will be humanity's self defense moment. ~ StormCloudsGathering

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Are you watching what is happening in Ukraine? The cyber-attacks began right on schedule. The U.S. is accusing Russia of having hacked two of Ukraine's banks, and are now preparing their retaliation which they say may include sanctions or counter attacks on the servers supposedly responsible. It doesn't matter if the initial attacks were fabricated. Once the U.S. and Europe start "retaliating" all bets are off.

The shelling in eastern Ukraine also began on schedule. The U.S. is blaming Russian backed separatists for striking a nursery in Luhanska (which makes no sense at all). The footage that the BBC is peddling looks contrived, but the "counter attacks" by the Ukrainian military are real. This is how you start a war. ~ StormCloudsGathering