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"turbocharges your credit rating?"

sounds like a bot.

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But, most of all, Christianity is about making sure other people do not spend eternity in hell, which is a very real place as evidenced by the people who have been there.

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Facts don't care about your feelings.

As to Christianity being a "fairy tale," it is actually the most well-documented religion from archaeology, biology, the fossil record, world history, and psychology.

What you are talking about are "cults," which masquerade as Christianity quite often, sadly. Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses are cults.

Any "christianity" that says we "trust the plan" of some grifting leaders is not Christianity. We worship God, not men, and God commands Christians to work for His glory in the lives of others.

Any "christianity" that doesn't help thy neighbor is not Christianity.

Any "christianity" that doesn't feed the poor, help the needy find jobs so they can support themselves, andgo to the courts to defend the oppressed is not Christianity.

Any "christianity" that doesn't support going into politics to defend the defenseless is not Christianity.

Any "christianity" that doesn't support fighting for justice is not Christianity.

Christianity is a giving religion. A religion that focuses on helping the poor, freeing the oppressed, and ruling with justice and fairness, and, above all, treating others the way you wish to be treated.

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The board game is cool, too. Though in the board game you set up research facilities and try to quarantine the virus. They only focus on government (e.g. CDC and military) efforts to remove a virus. It is quite big government for a board game about medicine.

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What shilling, exactly, are you accusing me of?

Am I telling people to get vaccinated or else lose their jobs, livelihoods, or ways of life? No.

Am I supporting lockdowns? No.

Do I believe government is the solution to COVID-19? No.

Have I said to "trust the government"? No.

Do I believe the 2020 election was rigged? Yes.

Do I believe Trunp was a russian agent? No.

Do I believe China has infiltrated our country? Yes.

You can look back over my posts and confirm these are my beliefs. Please, PLEASE tell me whom I'm supposedly "shilling" for?

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This is a pretty awesome list. Thanks