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[Salt Lake City, UT — In September, TFTP reported on Officer Nickolas Pearce, and his subsequent charges after he forced his K-9 to maul a kneeling, unarmed, surrendered man with his hands in the air. Pearce’s case has since shed light on the use of K-9s in the Salt Lake City police department and his attack on a grown man was just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, the department has no problem siccing their dogs on harmless surrendering children as well.

After charges were announced against Pearce, SLC Police Chief Mike Brown said his office had reviewed 27 times where police dogs bit someone since 2018. They flagged 18 of those cases — 66% — as possibly criminal.](https://thefreethoughtproject.com/horrifying-video-shows-cop-force-k-9-dog-maul-14yo-boy-with-his-hands-up/)

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Yes, it was down for around 2 hours. If you checked out the link, you can see that it went back online. Just sharing information, no need for the saltiness. Have a good day. :)