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Proposed tax on unrealized gains.

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For real. If you replaced the word vaccine with anything else. Let's say Fanta, is never touch a fucking Fanta ever again in my life.

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Doesn't sound like capitalism to me. Sounds more socialistic with government working hand in hand with corporations as opposed to deregulation and free markets

by kodama
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First I have to imagine China giving a shit about it's people let alone people that escaped the CCCP.

Jews take care of Jews. They aren't going to "sonic weapon" a building full of their own, in a Jewish neighborhood.

IDF is there because Jews dont trust the goy to do a proper job. The same reason in Surfside they have the Hatzalah, the Jewish community police which they call on instead of the actual police. That way Jewish matters are taken care of by Jews without outside influence or record.

If you want a Jewish conspiracy it's that.

by kodama
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It's because Surfside is a Jewish community. Orthodox Jewish at that.

The building most likely fell because the huge tower they built next to it.

I live like 10 blocks away and when they build a mega tower 3 blocks from me it shook everything so hard during construction I had cracks in my drywall.

No sonic weapons needed.

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Am I not allowed to because one is worse than the other?

Would you rather I compare Maher to Bill Clinton?

What comparison would you like?