When's the best time to take after getting your shot?

Someone has agreed to take a d diner test after they get the booster to see if any micro clotting etc is occurring.

When's the best time for this test.. right after... A day or 2 after?

Anyone have suggestions?


Long story short I have a retarded family member who's a nurse who works on the covid Floor.. who had covid.. and 3 clot shots.. is making a big stink about me being unvaccinated and is causing a big stink regarding Christmas dinner.. she's basically trying to convince everyone and demanding I take a rapid test in my own fucking house.. I will absolutely not bend my knee for fucking anyone.. literally said GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU PYSCHO BITCH... Which caused a huge fight between me and my SO.. and now the paycho nurse is harrassing the rest of the family who do not give a shit about me being unvaccinated.. I said to her I really don't give a fuck if you're vaccinated and surrounded by covid patients all day.. why the fuck are you concerned about me?.. anyways.. I'm not shoving that shit up my nose.. should I swab some spit?... Blow my nose and swab that?.. swab some cum? Some fruits maybe?.. I don't give a fuck if I get a positive result.. or a negative.. I just don't want an inconclusive result.


C'mon man!.. I don't have to write up a story explaining anything... Why the fuck would they invite her instead of a long list of others that should be going to the white house or wtv.

Calling it now.. they're going to use her to promote the vaccines "safety" and "efficacy" and she will basically parrot wtv is said to her back to the masses of sheeple.

From what I understand he admitted that he got the vaccine.

If he's truly claiming to be one of the "inventors" of mRNA vaccine tech and is supposedly very knowledgeable surrounding the topic... Why would he have ever get the vaccination. This makes absolutely no sense to me... Did the "science" change for him?

To me this is a red flag.

What's everyone's thoughts on this?.. I could very well be wrong about my claim.

There is no "PLAN". (mobile.twitter.com)
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We all know about the Biden Crime Family... It's pretty fucking obvious even if you don't pay attention to the whataboutism BS from the left and right.

I think it would be a great way for Trump to stir the pot and get people to wake up to what theyre all about and have the media talk about it.

It's not like they will ever be investigated. So why not?