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Imagine your parents are some fucking drunk deadbeats that can’t even afford the gas on their car and you’ve somehow managed to make it out of bumfuck nowhere and start a family of your own with your own income, and a trade, only for your deadbeat parent to suddenly use what little money they have to hire an attorney and shove paperwork through your door demanding you maintain them.

so yeah it’s shitty when somebody gets ordered to alimony (where a husband has to maintain the lifestyle his whore wife that’s divorcing him has become accustomed to- unless he can argue to the court that she was abusive to him or the children) but this is even worse. At least your whore ex wife continued your genetic line if she gave you kids but imagine being sued by your own parents excuses you succeeded where they were just fucking deadbeats lol.

So as far as I can tell this is unique only to America. Even Britain which is as retarded as America on alimony and requiring husbands to give everything to their ex wives doesn’t allow for parents to demand their adult children maintim them. Only America.