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This is a post I have wanted to make for a while, but have refrained from doing for obvious reasons. I however think it is worth sharing.

Ive talked quite a few times how the american military is quite interested in it for military applications.


“We have to understand what gives rise to this so-called ‘sixth sense,’ says Peter Squire, a program officer in ONR’s Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism department. Today’s Navy scientists place less emphasis on trying to understand the phenomena theoretically and more on using technology to examine the mysterious process, which Navy scientists assure the public is not based on superstition. “If the researchers understand the process, there may be ways to accelerate it — and possibly spread the powers of intuition throughout military units,” says Dr. Squire. The Pentagon’s focus is to maximize the power of the sixth sense for operational use. “If we can characterize this intuitive decision-making process and model it, then the hope is to accelerate the acquisition of these skills,” says Lieutenant Commander Brent Olde of ONR’s Warfighter Performance Department for Human and Bioengineered Systems. “[Are] there ways to improve premonition through training?” he asks.

Because of the stigma of ESP and PK, the nomenclature has changed, allowing the Defense Department to distance itself from its remote-viewing past. Under the Perceptual Training Systems and Tools banner, extrasensory perception has a new name in the modern era: “sensemaking.” In official Defense Department literature sensemaking is defined as “a motivated continuous effort to understand connections (which can be among people, places, and events) in order to anticipate their trajectories and act effectively.”

Fifty years ago in Vietnam, Joe McMoneagle used his sixth sense to avoid stepping on booby traps, falling into punji pits, and walking into Viet Cong ambushes. His ability to sense danger was not lost on his fellow soldiers, and the power of his intuitive capabilities spread throughout his military unit. Other soldiers had confidence in this subconscious ability and followed McMoneagle’s lead. In a life-or-death environment there was no room for skepticism or ignominy. If it saved lives, it was real. Since 1972, CIA and DoD research indicates that premonition, or precognition, appears to be weak in some, strong in others, and extraordinary in a rare few. Will the Navy’s contemporary work on “sensemaking,” the continuous effort to understand the connections among people, places, and events, finally unlock the mystery of ESP?

This article explains it away more rationally.


The Navy expects the research will offer insight into the scientific basis of intuition, a concept that many in the general public confuse with the supernatural. It also hopes the findings will eventually allow military scientists and planners to build sophisticated computer models of how intuition works and to design training programs to help troops learn to better use their intuitive ability.

“The term ‘sixth sense’ is evocative, but risks conveying the idea that intuition is a psychic or paranormal phenomenon,” he said. When an idea appears as an “aha” moment, Mr. Kounios added, “people often think that this is a psychic phenomenon because they don’t know where the idea came from. But it’s the product of unconscious information processing.” Some studies suggest that the neural and cognitive processes involved in intuitive decision-making actually share many similarities with those involved in “implicit learning,” or learning that happens without the learner being aware of what was learned or how, the Navy said.

So we already have two conflicting sources on the subject. What do you believe?

I believe that most of it is as they say, your subconscious reacting to things on a different level. I always wondered if your subconscious is actually just the middleman between you and, something else. Who knows.

I mention this phrase alot, low latency inhibition. What is it? We all have it, but some of us have it worse than others, it has also driven many men and women I imagine mad.


Is a good resource if you dont know about it. I suspect many of us here and even many of the lurkers suffer from this.

Came across this interesting article which is kinda why I went ahead and wrote this post.


It isn’t that having schizotypal personality predisposes one to creativity, Carson clarifies in the article. It’s more complex than that. Instead, a cognitive mechanism called cognitive disinhibition may underlie eccentricity.

Cognitive disinhibition occurs when we’re unable to ignore irrelevant or extraneous information. Think of it this way: Every day, every minute, we’re bombarded by data — lots of data. It’s impossible to attend to all this information. Fortunately, we have mental filters that block this information from reaching our conscious awareness and take care of the behind-the-scenes processing, Carson writes.

One of these filters is called latent inhibition (LI). In a 2003 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Carson and colleagues defined LI as: “the varying capacity of the brain to screen from current attentional focus stimuli previously experienced as irrelevant.”

She posits that some of the biological vulnerabilities that predispose individuals to disorders like schizophrenia are shared by some highly creative individuals. These individuals are more open — thanks to latent inhibition, for instance — to novel, creative ideas than folks whose mental filters do suppress scores of irrelevant information. However, they’re protected from psychopathology by traits such as high IQ and increased working memory capacity.

Well Im fucked haha.

Thankfully I can differentiate between reality and fantasy. I know what is real and what is not, the rest I can only take educated guesses on. I dont know if space is real, but I think it likely is, etc.

But however, my views on this reality, are unusual and people really dislike me for it.

Carson cited various studies that found that creative people tend to score higher on schizotypal surveys. For instance, her research has revealed that some creative students tend to report magical thinking and odd perceptual experiences.

What is magical thinking? you may wonder? Well things like esp, or sharing dreams. Basically believing in anything more than what we are told to believe in.

“In my research at Harvard, done in part with my colleague Cynthia A. Meyersburg, I have found that study participants who score high in a measure of creative achievement in the arts are more likely to endorse magical thinking — such as belief in telepathic communication, dreams that portend the future, and memories of past lives. These participants are also more likely to attest to unusual perceptual experiences, such as having frequent déjà vu and hearing voices whispering in the wind.”

Hearing voices whispering in the wind sounds alot like musical ear to me, which can be a symptom of a brain injury or going deaf lol. But to compare deja vu, beliefs in esp, or past lives to hearing voices, LOL. Fucking idiots.


Musical Ear Syndrome is a relatively common phenomenon where you hear non-tinnitus, phantom sounds that are not of a psychiatric nature. Typically, you would hear what sounds like music, singing or voices. If you hear music or singing, it may be vague or clear. If you hear voices, typically they sound vague—like a TV playing in another room. For example, you might “know” it is an man announcing a game, but you can’t understand any/many words.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. There are two categories of MES. In the first category, there is no apparent external stimulus for the phantom sounds your are hearing (a truly phantom sound). However, in the second category, the phantom music or singing is triggered by an unrelated external background sound whether the person is aware of this sound or not.

For example, you begin hearing music when you are near a fan. The fan is not producing music. It is just producing fan noise. However, your brain modifies this fan noise so you perceive it as music.

This happens because your brain is a pattern recognition machine. In other words, your brain tries to find meaning in all the sensory input it receives. (Here, we are just talking about auditory input, but the same applies to our other senses as well.)

So now that I have explained both sides of the situation. Watch this clip.


Link expires in 2 days, im working on a longer video but its taking me a while to go through the matches so im not worried about a permanent link. I dont play anymore because to many people are hacking lol. Been back to work learning raytracing. Also if you think im hacking im sorry. There is proably nothing I can say to change your mind. I wouldnt hack and make a post like this. I used to have an entire lab of people who would watch me play back in college but that was along time ago. It was nice when people on the internet would accuse me of hacking and I would have 10 people saying, no hes not lol.

You can argue that im using low latency inhibition here. Running timers in the back of my head, statistically speaking chances are good of shots connecting if you know where to aim.

But there is more to it than that. Most of these shots are the results of low latency, but some of them. I shoot when I get a "feeling" thats all I can say.

My whole life I have believed there is more than we can see/hear/taste/smell/feel. And I have always had good intuition, I thought anyway haha, I let myself get poisoned. But for whatever reason its alot stronger lately. I surely am not the only one. Hopefully im not dying, but who knows.

Could you guys imagine what this world could be like if we didnt let greedy close minded fools run everything. I can, and it kills me. If I had to guess they are desperate to keep this phenomena suppressed as long as possible.