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Russia is trying to stop degenerates and I helped get a teacher fired who was a 25 year old already divorced noviop who administered a vk group calling for the killing of Russian soldiers and stated that children should be taught to be friends with homosexuals.

Luckily this freak in Irkutsk was caught because I befriended him pretending to be a gay western Ukraine supporting Jew and got him to literally tell me on telegram about his sick views.

Other russian degenerates have also been stopped- a gay architecture student in Krasnodar was denounced after filming himself putting on makeup. He was convicted of gay propaganda and expelled from his university along with being beaten in the street.

This is good because degeneracy must be stopped before it becomes established. The slippery slope is not a fallacy at all. In 2001 people just wanted gays to be safe and the abolition of gay panic laws, but suggesting gay marriage would be seen as exceptionally degenerate. In 2005, people just wanted gays to be able to have civil partnerships but actual marriage and gay adoption would be viewed as degenerate. In 2009 people wanted gays to marry but gay adoption was viewed as sick and degenerate. In 2014 people wanted gay adoption and gay marriage but transgenders were viewed as degenerate. In 2023 people wanted children to be able to change their sex.

See the slippery slope is not a fallacy at all.