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The mistake most made by members of this community are the use of the words: always, all, every

Secondly, a lack of qualifiers in such expansive statements, because life is messy and there are often exceptions, even if, as the saying goes, "exceptions prove the rule."

Example 1: All swans are white. Response: If I can fine but one black swan, then your assertion, really a hypothesis, has been nullified, or is wrong. Say, your average swan is white.

Example 2: All elections are rigged.

Response: This means that you are saying every election is rigged. Do you really think that the non-partisan off year election for your local community college or library board is rigged? Maybe, but that's fucking moronic. Rather, you should say "all important elections are rigged".

Example 3: All Jews are evil.

Response: All Jews today, or all Jews throughout all of time? Joseph and Mary weren't evil, therefore, your assertion is wrong. Rather, say "modern Judaism is evil as practiced."

We'll go over the ecological fallacy next, which the the second biggest logic mistake made.