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After reading old books from lots of cultures and exploring the others through video docs, there are definitely patterns that repeat and overlap.

In the mahabharata, the oldest hindu epic, are present both sons of gods, heavy 'magic' weapons, and an impressive amount of man power. The kuruksetra war was fought by 11 + 7 (sides) akshauinis, each amounting to about 220k soldiers. In total, about 4 millions are said to have perished in the conflict. India still have tourist spots dedicated to the woods the Pandavas were said to have spent years of exile.

In the sumerian tales, the king dinasties were said to come from the gods, and each king reigned for unhumanly long times. The gods were also considered physical, capable of reproduction with humans. The 'poetry' layer that came with homeric and ellenic culture was not present, and descriptions are very much literal of those episodes.

In Greece, we also have the example of gods joining fights and perishing. A common theme of old god lore. Many, different and better than humans, but real people who can die also.

Finally, in the old testament if taken literally we have lots of the same. Yahweh being a regional leader, in charge of a people, which are the sons of Abraham.

Noticeably, these sons become thousands and thousands. Unless the guy was a real Gengis Abraham, the most obvious solution is that 'the sons of' refer to a lineage and blood rather than a direct parental relationship. This also checks out because most of the old testament is spergy if you don't resolve this kind of sayings, as the same jargon is used when referring to Esau, Edom, Jacob and Ishmael among others.

In the old testament we also read descriptions of gods infighting for land, using similar tools to those described in the Mahabharata.

For example 'the glory of god', which isn't always with god, but he has to bring it with him (in a passage one of Yahweh commanders asks him to use its glory and he says come back tomorrow i have to go fetch it lol), he advises his commander to seek refuge behind a rock when he passes with his glory, as everyone in front of it will be killed (but being behind rocks on the side is safe as the glory of god has its limits, like rocks, yeah).

It doesn't take much to see the old testament as it is portrayed is absolute trash with no connection to the original intent of the writings. But read literally, it checks out everything other cultures were also talking about around the same time.

A very different picture of history then arises. I'm leaving spirituality out of this, in the end spirituality should be history-agnostic or transcendent at its core imo.

In the book of enoch this other 'god race' is also described as coming from 'god', the Elyon, the Anu of sumerians most likely, the Chronos of greeks. Indeed this god in many tales is considered gone (either exiled or went back home), while his sons remain to rule earth. In the sumerians that is Enki and Enlil, and later Marduk, for the greeks it was Zeus (Enlil), Poseidon (Enki) and Hades (a self insert? lol. But most likely Nergal receiving a status upgrade).

There is a lot of variation and speculation on the topic, i'm trying to stick to what is most relevant and shared across cultures. All cultures have this 'god race' archetype, of a race better than humans, that created humans as they are, and lived among humans for a long time.

All this has interesting consequences in our times:

The jews still worship Yahweh. The jews know of the literal interpretation of the old testament and of the dual DNA legacy. This likely mean the blood of Yahweh is still going strong today, and atop jewry, which indeed treat blood as of the utmost importance.

'The future', in some sense, depends on knowledge of this past. If existed, items like 'the glory of god' or the 'Brahmastra' (which is described very similarly to a current atomic bomb) could easily be on par with the most deadly modern weapons.

The power of the 'dark side' nowadays mostly reside on acknowledging the real past and enforcing a false narrative to keep the power differential from the resulting knowledge differential.

We are an actual genetic experiment which would explain the mysterious jump from monkey to human which left no half species behind like all the rest of evolution seems to be obligated to. We also have some blood of the gods, we are not a natural species. Nor free. The free range human farming is perhaps a recent idea, but the farming part has been going on since the dawn of mankind. It was literally designed to be so.