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The narrative now is all about, "QAnon Shaman is innocent!" and "Chansley's lawyer says he was denied evidence!" Those are not the primary issues are they? Why didn't the cops just say, "GTFO or at least put a shirt on, weirdo", and then just steer clear of this obvious freak and troublemaker? On the other hand, were they escorting any of the ordinary people around?

No, of course they did none of that. This different treatment is prima facie evidence that there was an open-air dramatic presentation that day, and that Angeli and his pals were part of the cast.

Further, ask yourself why you're reading about this on some little-known social media forum, instead of from Tucker or Gaetz or Trump or MTG or Bobert? Do they not realize this? It's easy enough to point out, as I just did.

Actually, I'm not highlighting this to slam them. Personally, I think there's a deeper game at play and even fake-ass crisis actors like Chansley et al are not even worth exposing. I think we may have to endure some minnows swimming free while sea monsters are being hunted.