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For last few years I noticed that usage of something like "something is X years high!!!", "other thing is X monts low!!!!" become much more frequent around, intended to somehow force people to be alerted.

But what that phrase means really? Literally opposite to what they try to enforce in target audience.

Let's say phrase is "crop is 5 years low!!!". Awful, isn't it?

But it's not. It literally means that same crop was just 5 year ago and who knows how many times before. So, it is not unusual thing at all and it already happened, and we are here and skyes didn't fall.

Amasing how they use the phrase that state something is usual thing to pose situation as threatening. And many buy that shit without even trying to think on what they was really told.

May be it is in some schoolbook of propaganda tricks, and perfectly well-known by you, but I think it is interesting that usage of that trick is grow fast.

In any case, question everything, and I mean literally everything, even set expressions.