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For posting this here, they're going to double my ban for 'off site behavior' just like the karens they are showing themselves to be. That is how the deepstate plays, and so I am starting to think mods are either pretending to be them...or NOT pretending.

I think one of the mods there (they are cowards and won't put their own name there, only 'gaw moderators') got mad about something else I posted maybe and then tried to use a fake reason to ban me.

I suspect that they didn't like my weather modification thing where I accused Obama of being history's greatest Ecoterrorist, who messed up the world's weather by spraying detergent on deepwater Horizon, and then tried to fix it with even more disaster, by microwaving the atmosphere over the ocean off the coast of WA state for 3 yrs in an anomaly called the triple R or ridiculoously resilient ridge.

OR the didn't like a comment I made either here or there, questioning how this website makes its money...because its clear it has shadow backers....silent partners with lots of money

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Isn't the "Great Awakening" just a bastion of qtardation?

Who cares!?