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janglepuss 2 points ago +2 / -0

The way I see it is that all this bullshit (vaccines, food shortages, fake climate crises, etc) being foisted upon us by traitorous and corrupt governments on behalf of WEF and other such groups... just represents another evolutionary pressure like everything else we've been through since the dawn of time.

So with vaccines, for example, those of us who were savvy enough to avoid the shots altogether will have the greatest chance of reproducing. Then, of those who took the shots, some may still reproduce, others will be unable due to reproductive harm, and others still will just die from acute adverse reactions or chronic health complications later on.

All of these categories essentially form a hierarchy of reproductive success not unlike those that have arisen in nature over and over again through our evolutionary history. There will always be evolutionary winners and losers and your chances of survival through any given filter are in many respects already predetermined by your IQ (pattern recognition, a>b logical reasoning, ability to conceptualize and plan for the future, etc) and your physical fitness (genetics, immune function, lifestyle, etc).

Essentially, what happens from this point forward, kind of just is what it is, and if you're equipped for it, good for you, and if not, there's not much you can do about it. Will be interesting to see it all play out, though.