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Primate98 3 points ago +3 / -0

I agree that this is pretty much the model, but I have found that there is a deeper underlying problem. That is, when you show people the gateway into an inner level, very few of them have any recognition of it, or of the wall, or of why they would want to get past it. I suppose that's because everyone thinks they live in the citadel.

Here's an example: I've posted replies on Reddit conspiracy many dozens of times directly in response to someone's OP linking them to a paper by Miles Mathis. His work is loaded with stunning revelations. Not one single time have I got back a reply saying something like, "Wow, some surprising stuff in there!" or "Hey, this really goes deeper than I thought!" Nor do they say, "That guy is full of beans!" Nope, just no response at all.

As an aside, Mathis is a disinfo agent himself, and the highest-level gatekeeper I have ever encountered. So he has to guide you in himself past several gateways in the image above to bring you to the door he's guarding.

Anyway, I surmise that because the information is so disturbing to their worldview, even though they are presumably "conspiracy theorists", that it just bounces off them like ping-pong balls off a brick wall and they move on undisturbed. It pains me to say it, but they're just a more refined strain of normie.

I bring this all up to point out that even the "awake" are severely limited, and that's the world we're dealing with.