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My wife tested positive for the rona. I'm pretty sick myself. She went to the doctor and was prescribed PAXLOVID, I noticed it states "for use under Emergency Use Authorization". I refuse to be tested and day 3 it just feels like the flu to me, and not the worst I've felt. Ant comments will be well received, my wife will wait 2 hours before taking a dose to see what can be learned

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Yeah, she ain't doing that bad other than body aches and she's 4 days into it. Peak is usually 5 -8 days. I'm 3 days in and Tylenol is working fine for the body aches. I'll suggest she hold off to see if it's progressing

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Do you have an oximeter? Saturating above 95 is good for brain cells. 85 requires immediate attention

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Yep exactly. I was at an 85 and was hospitilized for a week with "covid pneumonia" few months back. Was treated with antibiotics, vitamins, supplemental oxygen and rest...