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This is the conclusion Ive come to after all this time.

I believe this suicidal tendency is cyclic and always precedes catastrophe. Our souls are eternal and I believe they know about the coming end. People just give up before the 'event' that will kill nearly all life on the planet.

Some people respond to this psychic knowledge by becoming evil, violent, murderous. They get into power and then use that power to harm others because they know the end is near.

Combine that psychopathic, psychic behavior with the theory that as the Earth's magnetic field weakens, living things become more violent (See Chan Thomas's book The Story of Adam and Eve). The magnetic field is weakening because the cataclysm is coming.

Some people respond to this feeling of impending doom by just giving up. They tune out from external stimuli that would warn them there is danger and to be cautious. Look at the people that lined up for suicide by injection! What happened to their senses?? They gave up. They know, on a deep level, they are doomed so they quit trying to survive and just took the shot despite all the warning signs.

The cyclic nature of near extinction level events is known. If we know it here, now, in this estate or dimension, then we also know it in other planes or estates. I think we are getting psychic messages/warnings/feelings to be prepared.

Not only that, we have warnings from our ancestors about these things and the need to be prepared. The bible and other ancient texts talk about "end times" and world wide destruction. Those are warnings from our past.

So, some get violent and psychotic. Some get hopeless, quit and commit suicide (this is the majority of humanity IMO) and that leaves a small group, a very small group, that sees what is happening, understands it, accepts it and is trying to be as prepared as possible for it.

The point is, as a species, we know its about to end and we cannot stop it. We get messages from the past and the future about it. Some heed it. Some dont.

Id like to hear your thoughts.

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Celest 1 point ago +1 / -0

Yeah, I don't like that thought either.

I'm curious what "the farmer" might be in your analogy, though. God or some other species? Also, does the "shack" refer to one's death or to cataclysmic events?

Undernourish 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yup I meant God. e.g. You go super religious death cult-y.

The shack is more the feeling you get right now above and beyond your typical fear of death, which you get over, usually, in your teens. In addition, we've been hearing the world is ending since the late 90s so we're kind of jaded to the concept. There's just this weird feeling in my gut that something is up. I'm always on the lookout for anyone using the term "the Event".

A cursory search will inform you that the Event is the awakening of mankind. But it could also be a pole shift/deluge.

Do I think an archon/demiurge is fucking with people?

Someone is. There is a lot of bullshit being shoveled by the people in power right now. What surprises/sickens me is how many people I know are willfully oblivious to the manipulation. Purposefully blind, if you will.