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axolotl_peyotl [S] 8 points ago +8 / -0

Reddit bans mod of r/conspiracy after years of anti-Semitism accusations: The subreddit has devolved into pro-Trump, anti-vax content under Axolotl_Peyotl

Reddit Bans r/Conspiracy Moderator and r/DonaldTrump

There is no scenario that looks good for either the admins or the jan 6 committee.

If I DID "incite my community to the siege", wtf is the jan 6 committee doing? The head of the largest conspiracy forum on the "mainstream" web "incited" over a million people to the Capitol? And crickets??????

I routinely get angry little PMs here from TMOR and their ilk saying that the jan 6 committee was going to arrest me "any day" (tWo MoRe WeEkS).

Still waiting.

If I didn't do what the admins claimed (I literally didn't...I told people not to go to the Capitol because it was a trap), then the Reddit admins straight up fabricated a connection to Jan 6 and used it as an excuse to remove me (duh...this was a Digital Knight of the Long Knives, all big tech was ready to go and had pre-selected who would be removed post the Jan 6 staged false flag).

Since I DIDN'T do it, the reddit admins are slanderous liars, and the jan 6 committee is a pathetic joke.

SiggotsMeAgain 7 points ago +7 / -0

It's also quite obvious that r/Conspiracy is being overrun with shills and bots lately.

Way too many people quoting mainstream news to "disprove" what people are saying.

Many reasonable conspiracy related comments downvoted to hell almost immediately.

I recently started a new reddit account after getting doxxed on the old one and no matter what I can't get the mods to approve my new account so I can't comment there any more.

Reddit has been shit for a while and is getting worse and worse. Fuck that place.

glownigger8675309 4 points ago +4 / -0

the Reddit admins straight up fabricated

how is their behavior not slander? if you ever kickstart/gofundme a legal team to go after reddit for damages, count me in.