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I don't claim to be an expert in this stuff but here's a few things I learned about Moloch over the years of studying the deep state:

  1. It was worshiped by some ancient people from the Bible and many of the Deep State today.

  2. Moloch is accessed when people do adrenochrome and is accompanies by machine elves. They usually offer the human to be part of the deep state cult where they harvest adrenochrome from children in exchange for money, power and Earthly pleasures.

  3. Moloch has such bad energy that being in his presence causes insanity. The only way to break the grip this energy has is to realize that one's own mind is capable of filtering out negativity and clearing out the area of bad energy simply by willing it.

This goat headed demon is the head of the Deep State it seems. It's in some other kind of dimension accessed through adrenochrome and psychedelics combined.

Here's an article I ran into saying the Dems worship Moloch:

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Yes, absolutely. I came to all his same major conclusions before I'd ever heard of him. I think he is precisely on target.

I might be tempted to say I've gone farther than he did, but I might also guess that he's holding back quite a bit. This area is beyond sensitive to many, many people. Their ideas about the Bible and related topics are not just opinions they hold, they're central to their very identity.

Boomer_Supreme 1 point ago +1 / -0

I'm reading the naked bible right now. After I finish, I plan to read his books. This topic is fascinating. It rings true to me.

Primate98 2 points ago +2 / -0

I think you'll find this line of inquiry most fruitful. Once you accept the general hypothesis as a framework, you'll "have your antenna up" and come across more and more evidence for it in research completely unrelated to the hypothesis itself. Over the last few years I've collected what must be thousands of such links.

BTW, don't let the naysayers about Zecharia Sitchin put you off. I've only read a couple of paragraphs of his work and watched a couple of short videos, so none of what I've found is just some sort of regurgitation of his research. We just came to the same conclusions.