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Evolution, as we all know, is a conspiracy theory created by the Marxist Darwin gang. But few people know how to fight it other than asking questions such as:

How did life come from non-life?


Perhaps the better question is, how did nature evolve only a single, simple, insect to have a system we would call gears? Why don't primates? Why don't humans? Aren't we the "most evolved"?

Of course not. We were fearfully and wonderfully made by the God of the universe. And God seems to enjoy leaving Easter eggs in the fabric of reality.

Not only do we have geared insects, we have Trump-hair moths and octopi, blue lobsters, and bacteria that can break down plastic, even though they were not designed to.

Everything has a purpose. Perhaps this is further proof that we are here, not to engage in dubious conversation, but to wake up the sleeping masses from their dreams and awaken them to a brighter future.

As the writer of Ecclesiastes said, for everything there is a purpose, a time appointed under heaven. Isn't that coming into harmony with things today? Everything is falling into place for a wild Awakening!

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God is omnipotent (all powerful, above all others).

The question "where did ___ come from" does not apply to God, because he is omnipotent. If God needed to be created, that would mean hes not omnipotent.

The question does apply to living beings, because we are not omnipotent.

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Not really marxist science before big bang prescribed to an eternal universe that was just there; there was no issue with its everlastingness.

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Quite frankly a creator is far less of a stretch than than the big bang theory

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The creator didn't get created, it just is. In the same way no one created pi, it just necessarily exists because of how lines and curves work.

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That's what I figure. Any planet next to a star that gives liquid water will eventually make life, because in only 4 words, that's what carbon does.

I bet you'll find life deep inside most planets and moons nearer the core where it is between 0-100 degrees.

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The topic was evolution being fake. Don't muddy topics.

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I'll leave you alone with your thoughts.