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Arturhawkwing 6 points ago +6 / -0

It's interesting to see how many people really hate free speech in America.

Ep0ch 4 points ago +5 / -1

No it's people who profit off of calling everything and everybody else racist.

These people have had a free ride. The attitude has become toxic. Easiest defense and excuse used to silence opposition, you're racist. It has hit law, education, and virtually everything. Because getting off immigrants and ethnicity pays. You're racist if you don't. Literally first line of defense used. Now you have to prove you aren't. It causes what odds. Think. Increased. More than your own citizens who have to find another argument of innocence. Women it's much easier. But the victim card.

Until what kind of society have you built. Look at it. You stupid morons.

Worse when where's that favour today. Where. Support or are reluctant. You sell what services. Who has manufactured. Worse look at the numbers. Worse you're getting dumber.

I don't think the people who profit care about anything else.

I don't condone it, whatever it is. But it definitely isn't a free meal. All it has done is create an assumption where those odds are faster tipped and unbalanced.