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Without spoiling the show, because I know most of you won't watch it. I can rate this world that difficulty because there's no way an ordinary individual born outside of influence can effect this world to the degree that is necessary for the people who want to be free. There's plenty of people in this world who want to be controlled and control others. To me, that fact is sickening.

Another fact that is sickening to me as well is that I cannot trust everyone I come across. I have to choose my company wisely. Sure, it's possible to trust everyone if you look them straight in the eyes and call them out for being untrustworthy. I was at a party with a few bros a couple months ago. I left a couple hundred bucks in my wallet and set it on the table in my wallet. I went forward and greeted everyone there.

I called them all out for being untrustworthy. I asked them point blank? Can I trust you? You might take that to sound as a creeper. To me, that was a test. The next day I woke up with all of my money in my wallet.

The point I'm trying to elaborate is this. To fix this world, you need control of many institutions. Unless society crumbles past what the elites expect then it will never happen. To truly save this world you have to express facts and facts alone. There has to be doubt and uncertainty everywhere.

I'm merely expressing this as a follower of the bible and jesus and the demon of alocohol.

What does a free person want? He wants to live comfortably with very few disturbances. If he wanted to disturb or be disturbed, he'd go to the more populated areas. So the NWO agenda of concentrating people into the cities isn't that bad, because those people will gladly be controlled.

For the people that want to be free however, that is a nightmare. Imagine a small box surrounded by people you cannot trust. Sounds like hell to me.