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What do you think is up with that? I kept mentally nudging him to spill part 2 out but he never did and clammed up almost as if he read my thoughts and did a big U turn NOPE with a nasty grin. I wonder if there might be an inner mental war going on and I might have tried 'too hard' and caused the opposite? Same when he almost revealed JFK and at one time he was going to 'downsize' the TSA and remove a bunch at small airports but caved in to the left when they said he was going to let terrorist 'Walk right in' our airports if he did that.

Towards the end Trump seemed to have lost his backbone but suddenly is gaining it back for 2024?

Or perhaps he never intended to spill the secrets and just led us on but what would he have to gain doing that since he only took 1$ of pay so he didn't exactly get extra rich from being the President and certainly didn't get extra rich standing up to China which if he had any previous ties they'd cut him off or he wouldn't have stood up.