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My favorite conspiracies are the ones that demonstrate something that we all know about the way that humans interact. The best are those that stand as counterexamples to claims that skeptics make about the nature of conspiracies. There are many that meet the circumstances that I have described, but I have chosen three as illustrative examples. The MK-Ultra program, the COVID-19 pandemic response, and the Robert Kennedy assassination all stand as counterexamples of claims commonly used by skeptics to dismiss the possibility of conspiracies.

Many skeptics claim that large scale conspiracies among humans, especially those in government, are impossible because large amounts of people cannot keep secrets because at least one participant would become a whistleblower and expose the truth. The MK-Ultra program is a favorite among many conspiracy theorists because its existence was verified and is officially documented ( MK Ultra was a successful conspiracy involving horrific experiments on test subjects who often did not supply consent to the experimentation. This conspiracy involved an immense number of participants such as test subjects who were victims, politicians who approved of the actions undertaken as part of the project, and medical staff and others who carried out the experiments. Even though this program began in the 1950’s and continued for at least a decade (many believe it still continues in secret today), it was not investigated until 1974 and was not exposed until 1977. Thus, the existence of the MK-Ultra program in secret for at least a decade serves as a counterexample to the claim that large scale conspiracies among many cooperating participants are impossible. Therefore, that claim made by skeptics is false.

Conspiracy theorists often contend that there is a shadow government that rules the collective human governments as a New World Order. As a counterclaim, skeptics claim that world governments are unable to globally cooperate because politicians are fundamentally unable to agree on even simple issues. Over the last couple of years, conspiracy enthusiasts have devoted a lot of time and consideration to the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of governments thereto. Reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic have largely been in unison throughout the globe and a large majority of governments in the world have participated in some sort of COVID-19 “lockdown” ( Additionally, in spite of short development time frames, a majority of the world governments have endorsed some sort of COVID-19 vaccine ( These behaviors and policies indicate that the governments of the world are cooperating as a monolithic entity in many respects. Hence, the global COVID-19 response serves as a counterexample to the claim that world governments are unable to cooperate in a global fashion. Therefore, that claim made by skeptics is false.

Skeptics are known to claim that conspiracies are impossible because some evidence would be left that would lead investigators to uncover the truth about the conspiracy, and the honesty of investigators would eliminate the possibility of a successful cover-up. Many conspiracy enthusiasts are fascinated by the Robert Kennedy assassination because ample evidence exists that counters the official narrative. The official narrative, as seen in the Wikipedia page devoted to the event, is that Sirhan Sirhan, acting alone, assassinated Robert Kennedy. The Wikipedia article says, “to date, no credible evidence has emerged that Sirhan was not the shooter, or that he did not act alone” ( However, many facts were discovered by investigators that prove that Sirhan could not have acted alone to assassinate Robert Kennedy. One such fact appears on the FBI’s online record vault. In a summary of the investigation, indicates that Los Angeles Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Noguchi concluded that, based on powder burns on Kennedy’s head, that the gunshot that caused Kennedy’s head wound had been fired from a distance of 1 to 1.5 inches ( This distance is much closer than the distance from which Sirhan fired at Kennedy. This proves that another gunman, standing closer to Kennedy, must have been involved in the assassination. Notably, Thane Cesar was standing close enough to Kennedy to fire a shot from 1 to 1.5 inches, and was known to have been armed at the time of the assassination. What these facts, known to investigators, demonstrate is that even when investigators discover information that proves that a conspiracy is in play, this does not eliminate the possibility of a cover-up, and does not necessarily cause the official record to recognize the obvious conspiracy. Thus, the assassination of Robert Kennedy stands as a counterexample to the claim that a conspiracy would inevitably leave evidence, and the discovery of that evidence will eliminate the possibility of a cover-up. Therefore, that claim made by skeptics is false.

These three conspiracies that I have referenced serve as counterexamples which disprove the false claims made by many skeptics. The pursuit of truth is one that drives many people. Many times, this drive can lead people into the battlefield of ideas. There, skepticism serves a very important purpose of testing the claims of those who disseminate what they purport as truth. Skepticism resonates with some and frustrates others. Dangerously, however, many skeptics fall into the pattern of spewing falsehoods of their own in defense of the narrative that the authorities present on every topic. This is one reason why I am drawn into the study of conspiracies, and am most fascinated by those conspiracies which disprove the claims made by skeptics. We know that conspiracies are not only possible, but more common than one might think. We know that the governments of the world are guided and manipulated by NGOs as part of a “New World Order”. Finally, we know that the authorities are known to participate in cover-ups even when investigators uncover the truth.

Live for truth, and as always, keep digging!

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Skeptics are known to claim that conspiracies are impossible because some evidence would be left that would lead investigators to uncover the truth about the conspiracy, and the honesty of investigators would eliminate the possibility of a successful cover-up

Skeptics have used this "there could never be a large conspiracy involving so many people because SOMEONE WOULD EVENTUALLY TADDLE"

The counterexample to this is the SAFARI CLUB, which was revealed when everyone involved was already long gone and thus the revelation of its existence absolutely did not matter to anyone. It was an example of a true conspiracy where the co-conspirators got away with it.

MKULTRA is a similar example, however it's very clear that this is still running, because we never shut it down. The MKULTRA operation was revealed in Congress during the Church committee on Intelligence (among other things such as COINTELPRO, the pseudolawful / quasi-unlawful gray area collaboration between the CIA and FBI (CIA not allowed to run OPs on US citizens within the US), 'Family jewels' an op to assassinate foreign leaders; and Operation Mockingbird the op to remote-control the US media narratives)

I like the 3 conspiracy model that Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt uses:

  1. Junk or Hoax Conspiracy -- very stupid and non-credible theories used to 'discredit' real conspiracies by way of absurdity

This is Obama-BFF CASS SUNSTEIN's wheelhouse

  1. False Conspiracy -- used to cover up the true conspiracy; this is the 'conspiracy theory' that the public is sold by the shadow government under the lenin concept of 'to control opposition lead it yourself' -- this is a 'pied piper belief' that you give to the public as an attractive counternarrative to the official

  2. True Conspiracy -- what actually really happened; and it's buried within the false conspiracy; and it is forced to co-exist with junk conspiracies that serve as a distraction and 'agit-propaganda' to repel any otherwise rational 'normie' from being exposed to the true conspiracy.

Disastrous-Feeling39 [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

Thank you for adding some additional evidence that disproves that claim that skeptics make! I am sure there are many more examples, also. I am not familiar with the Safari Club. I will have to look into it. I am curious if you have any recommendations on reading material or video documentation on the Safari Club. It sounds very interesting, especially involvement in the conflicts in Zaire, Ethiopia and Somalia, and of course the Mujahideen involvement referenced in the Wikipedia page.

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List of confirmed conspiracies

ghost_of_aswartz 3 points ago +3 / -0

So under this model, with the COVID pandemic, you'd have

HOAX conspiracy -- 'Bat soup' from wet market turned into covid

FALSE conspiracy -- 'Bat lady' and CCP were working on bioweapons at the WUHAN lab and it "leaked"

REAL conspiracy -- Dr. Fauci, along with NAIAD division of NIH, working with UC chapel hill's Dr. Ralph Baric and Peter Daszac of Ecohealth alliance where QUASI-ILLEGALLY (ie: circumventing Obama's moratorium on gain-of-function research) were developing COVID as well as COVID vaccines simultaneously and farming some of this research out to the lvl4 biosafety lab in WUHAN china and it escaped.

This is FAUCI's virus, but that is OK because they already had a vaccine that conveniently the US GOVERNMENT purchased massive amounts of, at a profit for CDC, FDA and the companies (due to grant money), so they could inject these into people. And in order to justify this behavior they want to chnge policies everywhere to force inject people so that they cannot turn around and sue the US government for mass murder, genocide thru extreme negligence---if you get the shot, you're excluded from the class action because GOV took the 'best effort approach' at fixing the problem irrespective of the fact that they created the problem.

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