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If this is true, do you think the elites have already figured our immortality? It cannot reverse age, but it can prevent you from aging.

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Stem cells can't help you if you don't kill off senescent cells first (or maybe renew them). The two work in tandem to regenerate tissues. Merely spamming stem cells may not have the desired effect (might work for injury where cells are already dead).

The rate at which your cells go senescent vs the rate at which you can replace them: I guess if you figure out how to tip it in favor of the latter at any age, you could at least live a lot longer.

The other thing you'll need in your quest is an endless supply of tissues and organs to replace injured ones (injury too great for your body to heal: like an entire organ failing due to elite levels of decadence). All you need to do is to clone yourself, and keep the clones imprisoned (just like in the movie "The Island").