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If this is true, do you think the elites have already figured our immortality? It cannot reverse age, but it can prevent you from aging.

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Not yet. If they did, they would stop researching cancer. Those cells never age

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They research cancer to make sure they’re in control of anything that comes out, I’d wager. Same reason all patents go through a defense review first, so they can be classified and snatched up. Everything you can dream up has already been invented and withheld from the public. One of the reasons they want to kill us all off.

Imagine a family where the step-father demands a portion of their income so he can do renovations to the house. If they don’t work, he beats them. He takes the money, buys land somewhere in the tropics and builds a mansion, all while pretending to be doing renovations. Eventually he’s sick of pretending and wants to live full time at his mansion. So he files restraining orders on them and tries to poison them at the same time.

Not a perfect analogy.