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So we have the WEF and other globohomo entities trying to reset human civilization and usher in the 4th industrial revolution.

They have a problem though: too many retards.

So, they have to get rid of most of the retards. Queue the fake and gay covid pandemic to scare everyone into volunteering for lethal injections or, at least, sterilization so the retards dont reproduce any more retards.

This is where we are. We are at the beginning of the retard culling and die off.

Its a race against time. Very exciting really.

Which will happen first? The NWO manages to cull most of the human race, cause economic and social catastrophe and get their plans implemented and the great reset happens


Will the die off happen too fast too soon, not enough of the retarded elite know what the fuck they are doing so they fuck up the plans, revolution happens because enough people wake the fuck up before its too late and we start playing minecraft?

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It can be. But for certain the oligarchs will crank things up to batshit insane levels first.... More riots, chaos, death, destruction, etc. To justify a scare and herd people back into the dollar, cbdc, ecny or some other debt based currency

The test will be if people bite or tell them to " fuck off " and head to another currency