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lbrt 1 point ago +2 / -1

My theory:

The shots are used to make you an antenna for 5G.

One thing is the mRNA. That is where Dr. Malone can speak truth. But the other thing is graphene oxide or more graphene hydroxide. This stuff is supposed to have 2 things that are interesting:

  1. It is 1000x faster than silicon.
  2. It needs 1000x less energy than silicon. That means it could be an ideal medium to perform computing. 5G has the problem that it is only transmitting on short diameters, it needs many antennas. And it cannot cut trough woods etc.

But the human body is also producing electricity. By using the human electricity with the graphene oxide one can turn humans into antennas for 5G or even into computers (look up the patents). Therefore the jabs may here to use humans as antennas and computers. Just saying.

some_crypto_guy 0 points ago +1 / -1

Hurr durr…

It’s about digital ID to access or do anything and control of the population globally.