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It is not about all that fancy internet-connected GPS attached entertainment systems and ECUs - they are easily hacked and removed.

It is about much more evil thing.

I already wrote about energy yoke on your neck.

I know, you already get it.

With ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) car, you could easily stock fuel for a bad day, you could grow plants and use their oil in your diesel, you could build wood gas generator and run on wood, you could even run your gasoline engine on methane from cow shit. Really, nobody could stop you from rinding your ICE car when you need it.

That is not the case with electric cars. You charge them from centralized electricity network, that could be turned off in a second, if they want to stop any travels.

And charging electric car using home devices like gasoline generators or some solar panels or whatever is not like filling a tank from barrel, and even not like starting a fire in wood gas generator. In the best situation (gasoline/diesel generator) It will take a day to get only few hundred miles and you still need fuel to do it. And it is much more fuel per mile.

So, buying electric car you completely tie yourself to the good will of giant electric corporation / authorities.

And in emergnecy, say, when you will need to ride away, they just turn off electricity few days before. You have a car, but you can't fuel it, at least in reasonable time.

So, electric cars is not about all that ecology crap, and is not about some innovation things, they are just another way to take out some independency from people.

I know, sounds like I'm a Luddite, but that is not true. Really, electric cars is older that ICE ones, And still, just like at the beginning, they are just fancy overpriced and overengineered toys that could not withstand a real-life competition with ICE cars.

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They can try wind, wave technology to produce electricity and feed it to the Powerpacks

Are you really so uneducated? Winter. Near arctic circle. Waves on what? There are no waves on ice.

Winds are unstable, weeks without any wind is norm.

Also, the number of people that live in those areas are so small

Arkhagelsk city region have 1 million population, f.e. "So small"?

you seem to need information on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK79ioBW8Mg

Nice. A link to marketing video.

Imagine selling the battery back to tesla and buying a new one

Oh my.... What word you don't understand in "ability to fix everything by your own hands without any corporations"?

So, what if I'm not vaccinated and Tesla was mandated by gevernment to reject all unvaccinated customers?

You are trying to save your false assumption, but it only make things worse.

sep11insidejob 1 point ago +1 / -0

"Are you really so uneducated? Winter. Near arctic circle. Waves on what? There are no waves on ice."

You need to use the polar extreme example to keep your idiotic FUD going. Bottom line, the solar/EV/Grid will thrive on the most populated areas. "What about the poles" lol Oil is about to go kaput


"A link to marketing video" Not a marketing video, they are explaining what they are coming out with. They have to follow SEC laws and regulations. Regardless Tesla makes products that people want without advertising. My trading account is very happy. This new battery will be the deathblow to ICE and coal.

"ability to fix everything by your own hands without any corporations"?

99% of the people don't do this. So it's like your "WHATABOUTTHEPOALS" Also, EVS are very simple with very few moving parts. The motors of the Tesla Model3 3 for example are rated to a million miles. Who want the grotesque leaky diesel engines LOL.

Oil is so dead. Same with your bullshit.

CrazyRussian [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

You need to use the polar extreme example

What? Since when living on the North is "extreme example"? I live on the North, it's -20°C right now outside and sun is over horizon only for few hours a day. In clouds.

Seems you can't even understand the obvious things.

99% of the people don't do this.

I don't care about 99% of people. That 99% of people jab themselves with some unknown shit, it does not mean that other will do the same.

The motors of the Tesla Model3 3 for example are rated to a million miles.

Electric motors, like batteries never rated in miles. It is marketing idiocy, without any scientific sense.

Motors of ordinary electric locomotive lasts much longer, 3 million kilometers is a typical request in electric locomotive (as whole) tender. 1 million miles in a car is a very bad electric motor.

There are only 2 elements in asynchronous electric motor that wear. Front and rear bearings. That is all. No other parts of electric motor wear at all. When you replace bearings, your electric motor is undistinguisheable from new one. Why it should fail within whatever miles? There are no any limit on electric motor resource at all.

sep11insidejob 1 point ago +1 / -0

I see you're bullish on electric motors. The test for the model 3 motor was done and stopped at 1 million miles. The motor was then taken apart and it looked brand new. They can, like you said, go way more than that. That makes electric motors the best choice.

Have a good one.

BTW I love Russia. Stay based.