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actual docs [pdf]

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there will be no elections anywhere in the world next year

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How's this for a plot twist: This and the Israelis claiming "immuno erosion" (see here) among vaccinated is all coming out now along with Omicron. Next up: Vaccines may not be as safe as we thought. We apologize. Lockdowns are the only solution left.

The original strain was discovered around the same time in November I think, and became a problem by Feb 2020. We're on the same schedule this time too I guess. 2/22/2022? Credit for this theory: u/Mrexreturns

Meanwhile most resisters (the ones who didn't take the vaccines) have been identified in all arms of government, military, media etc. and will be dismissed or posted to locations where they cannot get in the way of the deep state (dismantling of opposition).